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The Weirdest Technology for Your Home

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Technology is at its best when it’s weird. That might sound strange, but actually it’s the unusual technology that turns heads and that gets people more excited – we’ve all seen a million flat-screen TVs and computers so those are hardly going to make our homes feel like a vision of the future (even a really good TV screen…). On the other hand though, if you have something that spins around with flashing lights that performs a task no one has ever heard of before then you might find that it impresses rather more…

The Weirdest Technology for Your Home

To that end then, here we will look at some of the downright oddest technology out there for you to consider for your home. Prepare to make your pad look truly high tech…

The Audio Spotlight

When technology is truly impressive it can seem almost magical – which is exactly how you might describe the Audio Spotlight. Essentially what you get with this gizmo is a pair of directional speakers that blast sound right at you and nowhere else. That enables you then to sit in front of the speakers and be bathed in loud music – but to everyone else at either side of you it will sound completely silent! Step in front – booming tunes – step out again – silence. Magical…

The Smell Generator SMX 1

Potpourri is old fashioned… enter The Smell Generator. This machine does what it says on the box, essentially creating any scene you like out of smells so that you can more accurately imagine that you’re relaxing on the beach, or just cover up that ‘dog smell’ that’s maybe lingering still after your pup’s last bath…

Sky Factory eScape

No matter how good the smell generator is at doing its job, it’s not going to fool anyone into actually thinking they’re on a sunny beach. That said though, you might have slightly better luck using the eScape from Sky Factory – essentially a fake ‘digital window’ that shows you an imaginary view of your choosing whether you want to gaze out at the stars or imagine you’re in the Sahara desert…

Green Grass Flip Flops

Now these are a little cheaper and a little more ‘throwaway’ than the other gadgets on this list, but they’re still amusingly odd and still definitely class as gadgets.

Essentially the Green Grass Flip Flops are flip flops with grass attached to the inside. This makes you feel as though you’re walking on real grass which is much more relaxing and natural feeling when you want to get in touch with your roots…

Cube 3D Printer

The Cube 3D printer is a printer that takes the concept to the next level – a commercial scale 3D printer that allows you to print 3D models out of a range of materials. This is a cool novelty item to have in your home that will prove to be a great conversation starter, but what’s even more interesting about it is the fact that it will allow you to create more interesting items for your home. Want a unique vase? Print one out! Want a unique pen holder? Easy!

Walking Table

Some of the ideas on this list might sound a little science fiction, but this one is downright fantasy. For around $30,000 you can turn your home into something out of Harry Potter or Discworld with a robotic table capable of walking around using its wooden legs to walk ‘naturally’ like an animal. And if you like to own things that no one else does then you’re in luck – because only eight of these exist in the world.

The Question Mark Lamp

The Question Mark Lamp began life on Kickstarter where it’s Mario-inspired designed took off big time resulting in something of an internet craze. Like the boxes in Mario’s world, this lamp is activated by knocking it from underneath which is tons more fun than just ‘pressing a switch’…

Magnetic Wallpaper

Who can be bothered with hammering nails into walls right? With magnetic wallpaper that’s a thing of the past – simply attach your pictures and other items to a magnet and hang them in seconds on your wall. Great for instant re-decorating and just impressing friends.

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