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Top 6 iOS Apps to Learn English

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In today’s super busy lifestyle, not many have the time to learn English in classrooms or take up English language learning courses. A big chunk of professionals from countries other than English speaking countries needs to have command over this universal language. Considering the stiff competition, the non-English speakers have explored all the possibilities of learning English, particularly through online resources or Apps.

Usually with these Apps, you have endless activities, including vocabulary building, audio classes, grammar, and phrasal verbs, to name a few. They are free and compatible for iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch. What can be better if your device can help you to improve your English, as long as you take it seriously and practice exercises!

Top 6 iOS Apps to Learn English

1. Babbel (

With Babbel, you develop and perfect your English vocabulary and also train your pronunciation. Once you have gone over everything, you can do exercises to test the knowledge you acquired.

2. Bussu (

Bussu is highly valued among users of the App Store (4 of 5). It contains images and recordings by natives, covering up to 150 different topics based on everyday situations. It includes more than 3,000 words and phrases, vocabulary, dialogues and interactive audio tests. With Bussu, you can create your own profile and view your progress over the levels.

It has two versions, where the one is free (containing 25 units) and a more complete version, which can be purchased from the free version.

3. Vaughan Radio (

It offers the basic advice for any beginner. If you want to improve your English, you have to start listening to everything in English. Moreover, what better to do on your phone to download the application, including Vaughan Radio 24 hours a day in English? The station, which was born in Madrid and has only 14 programs to learn English, has managed to find a number of users in countries like Spain. Not only this, it is among the most favorite channels in Spain.

You can listen Radio Vaughan and its friendly English speaking teachers while driving, traveling, exercising or cooking.

4. Voxy (

It is among the favorites of those who are willing to learn English. It is number one in Latin America when it comes to learning this universal language. It has already more than two million users who have downloaded Voxy on their terminals.

It consists of customized lessons based on your level of English, interests and goals. You can have private lessons with certified native English tutors who can help their best to improve your skills. All content is based on real life situations and is relevant to your daily activities.

New York Times and CNN, among other media companies recommend it for use.

5. uSpeak

uSpeak teaches English from the basics to more advanced concepts. This makes you practice with entertaining games. Initially, this application is free, but as you play more games according to your requirements and interest, you will need you to pay a small amount. It has a system that also allows evaluating and grading your work.

6. WordReference (

WordReference is a famous translator of languages, and it has its own official app for mobile devices. You can find the meaning of words and expressions in various languages like Spanish, French and Italian, along with English. It also offers access to discussion forums where you can seek help from other users on how you can translate words, phrases, verbs, grammar, among others.

Every other day, some new app is launched which can be very helpful for you to learn English without having to attend English language learning courses, choose the one that interests you!

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