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10 must play Android games in 2014

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As game developers and mobile hardware push over the great limits of technology for pure entertainment, more challenging games are starting to win ground and deliver experiences that are just as fun as consoles and computers. If you’re an Android fan, the following 10 games should exceed your expectations this 2014. Recommended reading: Top 10 free android apps for 2014

10 must play android games in 2014

1. Farm Heroes Saga

If you’re an avid fan of Candy Crush Saga, you’ll certainly love Farm Heroes Saga too. Switch & match cropsies and become a hero. All you have to do is match 3 or more cropsies; the game looks sharp and because it’s free to play it will definitely rock your world this 2014. To make sure the fun is guaranteed, you’ll benefit from all sorts of extra movies, power-ups, and rechargeable boosts throughout the game.

2. Assassin’s Creed: Pirates

Be ready to make your own fortune, break all the rules, and challenges empires as the ambitious captain Alonzo Batilla, the character-player willing to everything and stay alive. Test the most challenging naval combats all across the Caribbean Sea, fight the bloodiest battles, and annihilate your enemies with your plethora of weapons. Your end goal is to become a hailed pirate.

3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

In this 5th version of the GTA game you’ll be playing Carl Johnson, a notorious character who doesn’t want any more trouble. Unfortunately, things won’t go your way because your family is in danger and you have to everything in your power to keep it safe. Prepare yourself to become the leader of the streets and put your driving skills to the ultimate test.

4. Ratchet and Clank: Before the Nexus

Are you ready to battle devilish minions in this newest Ratchet and Clank Android game? Make use of all your weapons to surpass levels and get an advance, and extend your gameplay by purchasing extra gadgets.

5. Injustice: Gods Among Us

Gods Among Us is amazes with its beautiful graphics and killer visuals, ergo it must definitely be present on your Android phone this 2014. Create the bravest team of heroes and villains, and be ready to fight the battle of your life. Choose your favorite Marble character and save the world in this engaging and extremely challenging video game.

6. Angry Birds Go

The classic Angry Birds game is already famous, but have you heard of this new racer? Everything happens on Piggy Island and it’s your job get to the finish line first. Be careful, as your road is paved with tricky obstacles you’re compelled to surpass.

7. Heroes of Dragon Age

Create the most competent squad and watch your tactics unfold before your eyes. To increase your winning chances it’s good to have as many heroes as possible. Be ready to earn important trophies by killing the toughest bosses; and last but not least, immerse yourself in astounding graphics and amazing special effects.

8. Rock Runners

You’re in control of a running, energetic, jumping, and swinging runner that just doesn’t want stay still. The platform game is fast-paced and extremely entertaining; your job as the character-player is to swing over gaps, leap across puddles, and go through portals to complete stages – don’t assume it’s an easy Android game because it’s not. There are more than 140 levels to complete, so you’d better get started.

9. Brothers in Arms 2 FREE

This 2014 you can play the much-admired Brothers in Arms 2 for free. It is one of the most intense and challenging action-adventure games on Android, and it will certainly exceed all expectations. You can challenge 5 more friends and benefit from the multi-player experience, and did we mention that there are 50 missions to unlock?

10. Rayman Jungle Run

From the creators of Rayman Origins, this year we bring you the newest UbiArt creation – Jungle Run. Simple to play but rather difficult to master, the Android game is a beautiful platformer that’s definitely worth a try. Enjoy the stunning graphics, new powers and worlds, captivating music, and benefit from the best gaming experience.

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