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5 Android Apps to Get in You in Shape for summer

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With the start of this New Year, plenty of you out there might have made firm resolutions to stay fit and healthy this year. Moreover, with the summer months waiting ahead, you have all the more reason to eat healthy and tone up your body for the sunny beach days. Listed below are five amazing Android apps that will help you keep up with your fitness resolutions and will get you in shape for summer.

5 Android Apps to Get in You in Shape for summer

Noom Weight Loss Coach

If you’re looking for an extraordinary weight loss app that takes up a different approach to get you in shape, Noom Weight Loss Coach is pretty much up your alley. Rather than focusing on tracking calories and workouts, this app takes up an encouraging approach to coach you and motivate you to start living a healthy lifestyle. It focuses on long-term weight loss in a balanced way. Featuring a striking interface, the app gives its users a set of daily activities keeping long term weight loss goals in mind. It even has a handy log book for tracking meals, workouts, and your progress. What’s more, the app makes use of fun game-type techniques, challenges, and informative articles to motivate you to follow a positive lifestyle through exercise and a healthy diet.


When it comes to fitness, Runkeeper is arguably one of the best apps you could lay your hands on, and especially if you’re an outdoor workout enthusiast, you’re absolutely going to love this app! Runkeeper is a terrific app that uses the built-in GPS of your smart phone to track a number of aspects from your workout. These include heart rate, distance covered, duration, amount of calories burnt, elevation, pace, and so on. It even goes on to maintain a history of your runs and your personal bests, thereby making it convenient for you to keep an eye on your personal progress. Not only running, but you can even use Runkeeper for other workout activities such as cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, skiing, and so on. So the next time you’re heading outdoors for a workout, you know which app to look out for.

Pact – Cash for Healthy Living

End up skipping gym all the time? What if skipping gym meant losing out on money? Or let’s put this way – how about getting paid for meeting your fitness goals by other users who slack off? Yes, this incredible app allows you to set a goal each week and if you don’t meet those goals, you end up paying! Similarly, if you stay determined and if you meet those goals, other users who slacked off end up paying you! Now, isn’t that one of the most interesting and motivating ways to keep up with your fitness goals?

Zombies, Run!

If you’re not too bothered about keeping a tab on your stats and performance, how about letting a bunch of zombies chase you and make you run in order to stay fit? As the name suggests, Zombies, Run! is a crazy, adventurous, and fantastic running app that might just blow you away with its extraordinary approach to help you stay fit. To give you a gist of it, the app is equipped with around 30 different missions, all which require you to run – to run for dear life, away from an impending zombie attack! Just put on your headphones while you run and listen to audio clues of brain-starved zombies chasing you. As you keep running away from their grasp, the app uses the phone’s GPS to track your progress, and throws in other interesting elements such as collecting ammo, medicines, health supplies, and batteries on the way. An ideal combination of fitness, thrill, and adventure, this quirky app is certainly a must-have if you’re looking to shape up.


If you’re really committed towards losing weight and getting into shape for the sunny beach days waiting ahead, Fooducate is yet another nifty app that you might want to consider. We’ve read about apps that track your workouts and motivate you to exercise, but this app captures a different angle to weight loss by focusing more on people’s eating habits instead. As the app’s name goes, Fooducate educates its users about the foods they pick up from grocery stores. The app has a handy barcode scanner that highlights the characteristics of each product that you pick up and rates it on a health grade from A to F. This way, users get to know the nutritional ratings about the food items they pick up, and accordingly they can make better choices while at the market. So if you’re looking to lose weight by keeping a tab on the food that you eat, Fooducate is the app you need.

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