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7 Free Puzzle Games that Keep Your Mind Active and Stimulated

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Looking for a game that does not only entertain you, but also puts your brain to work? Then consider the following games briefly described below. They are some of the best free mobile games available.

They have been included in this list based on the excitement they offer, the ability to hook players, ease of user interface and gameplay, and of course the level of perceived brain stimulation they are able to deliver.

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1. Doodle Fit

If you are looking for something really challenging, this is one game you should try. It features a very intuitive drag and drop interface wherein you “simply” have to fit the puzzle pieces according to the shape or form presented on the board. This is one exciting game you should try. It has 3 single player modes and an online multiplayer mode that provides exclusive or public games. Moreover, the game comes with a level creator so you can create puzzles you can let other players solve. The game also has leaderboards.

2. Candy Crush Saga

This highly popular game is a colorful puzzle adventure that has hooked millions worldwide. It offers over 300 levels to play and various unlockable items across levels. There are also boosters and charms in the game that can be useful in dealing with very challenging levels so don’t be too worried about the hurdles. Additionally, the game has leaderboards for a more exciting score competition with your friends. What’s more, the game even supports seamless synchronization with the Facebook version. It also doesn’t hurt that this colorful game brags of “eye candy” graphics.

3. 4 Pics 1 Word and the Likes

The 4 PIcs 1 Word game has inspired a slew of similar games with various themes. This game is certainly one exciting title to play. You could end up scratching your head for failing to guess the very simple words because of the misleading pictures.  There are “lifelines” available in case you fail to guess a word but it’s really worth the time digging your head for the answer. Almost all of the words used in the game are simple and common ones. Just don’t let yourself get tricked by the pictures and extra letters.

4. Where’s My Water

Where’s My Water is a physics-based puzzle game published by Disney but developed by Creature Feep.  It offers hundreds of levels and challenges to make sure your brain gets continues to be stimulated. It is available across platforms including Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10. The game is about routing a supply of water to an alligator that needs a bath. Routing is done by arranging pipes. Obviously, there will be challenges to encounter aside from the arrangement of the pipes. You’ll be busy addressing challenges and aiming for achievements throughout the game.

5. Tetris

This classic game has various versions. Any of which is entertaining enough to get you through boring, lazy hours. You can find a new Tetris game for iOS or Android that may introduce some twists but the basic concept of the game is mostly retained and is more than enough to keep your mind busy as you pass time.

6. Colormania

Colormania is a color puzzle game that focuses on pop culture icons or items. It features over 200 mystery icons to solve in 20 levels. If you are a pop culture junkie and you want to keep your brain stimulated. The game is centered on identifying logos, characters, personalities, or symbols through color representations or modified appearances of logos, characters, or symbols. It’s a fun game that does not make you think that you are actually thinking while playing.

7. The Moron Test

Want something self-deprecating? The Moron Test will get you questioning your intellectual abilities. This is not a very popular game for Android but it claims to be one of the best-selling iPhone apps of all time. You will be possibly insulted – yes, but it’s a funny way of exposing yourself to a possible insult as you attempt to put your brain to work in solving the brain teaser tasks in the game.

Enjoy these games in your breaks or as you try coping with an uneventful day. These games are sure to keep your brain thinking hard without you realizing how you are already exerting the mental effort to get through levels or stages.

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Jimmy R is a big fan of mobile games, enjoying them on his devices under various operating systems. He takes special interest in puzzle games and is anticipating the introduction of a new Tetris game for iOS, Android, and Windows.

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