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Apple’s Design Perfectionism

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This is an infographic about Apple:


The Key Concepts:


Apple’s products excel because they’re intuitive. Users start using products feeling like they already understand how they work.

  1. One finger can open Apple laptops
  2. UI’s are based on metaphors
    • Folders
    • Files “stack” like papers on a desk
  3. One phone, instead of many.
  4. Clear, Crisp Lines[6]


Humans are biologically programmed to respond positively to certain shapes, and designs.

  1. Apple makes their designs human friendly.
  2. Correct Siri’s Pronunciation
  3. Block unwanted contacts. (tap the i symbol next to a contact)
  4. Macbook Screen = golden rectangle
  5. Imac shape= fibonnaci sequence
  6. Patented “breathing” status lights blink in sync with our breaths, relaxing us.


Artisans are accorded respect for their work.

  1. Attention to detail:

Virtual reflections mirror the affects of sunlight.
Internal fan slows when voice dictation begins, to better hear your voice. [8]
Hidden magnets allow webcams to be attached and level. [9]
And did we mention, these guys think of everything?
Built in bubble level.


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