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Emailing with Thunderbird – An Introduction

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Due to the look and feel like Mozilla Firefox, its users get very comfortable environment for accessing their emails and performing other activities supported by it. Some of the best features that the users of this email client experience are:

  • Tabbed Email: The improved user interface of this email client provides its users the same look and feel as that of Firefox. The tabbed email client enables you to load your emails to different tabs so that you can easily jump between the tabs. The tabs in your Thunderbird appear on the top of your menu bar that provides an efficient visual experience. These tabs let you open multiple emails at the same time.

freeware, email program, email application, office tool, email toolYou can open an email message in a new tab by double clicking or hitting ‘Enter’ button after highlighting that message. The visible tabs will be saved on quitting Thunderbird. Moreover, these tabs will be restored when you open ‘Thunderbird’ the next time. You also have Tab menu on the Tab toolbar that will help you to switch between the tabs.

  • Reminder for Attachment: The attachment reminder is a useful utility that reminds you for adding attachment to your email message before sending it. However, before sending the reminder to add attachment, it searches for the words like attachment or file types in the body of your email.
  • Address Book at One Click: Another efficient utility is ‘Address Book’, which adds people to your address book very quickly and easily. To do this, you just have to click the star icon on the email id of the people from whom you got the email. However, an ‘Edit Contact’ pop-up that opens after clicking on the start enables you to write the name of that person and edit his other details as well.
  • Chat with Multiple Channels: The email client allows you to have real-time conversation with your contacts from your favorite messaging application, as it has support for multiple networks like Facebook chat, Google Talk, Twitter, etc.

However, for sending and receiving emails and availing all the benefits of this email client, you have to configure it.

Configuration of Email Accounts

Whenever Thunderbird downloads an email message, it uses the configuration of the ‘Server Settings’ page of each email account, which can be accessed through ‘Tools >> Account Settings’. For outgoing emails, Thunderbird sends email messages to SMTP server, which is assigned to your selected email account. The SMTP servers of outgoing emails are configured on the ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ page, which can be accessed through ‘Account Settings’ (Tools >> Account Settings). You can assign outgoing server (SMTP) to each account by clicking on the account name and selecting the desired server from the ‘Outgoing Server (SMTP)’ drop-down list.

Downloading Incoming Messages

Thunderbird checks for new emails by default, especially on application startup and in every 10 minutes. However, you can change this frequency by going to ‘Tools >> Account Settings’, and then select your account from the list of accounts and choose ‘Server Settings’.

Compiling a New Email Message

For composing a new email message, you have to click the ‘Write’ button present on the top-left corner of the main interface of ‘Thunderbird’. You can also select ‘Message >> New Message’. If your email account is highlighted in the panel with name ‘All Folders’, then the ‘From’ address will be selected by default to this selected account. If no account is selected in ‘from’ field, then you can click the ‘From’ drop-down and select the account. Mention the recipient of the message. For inserting an address from your address book, you can drag and drop this address to your new message.

In this way, Thunderbird too is an efficient email client (like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Gmail, etc.) that users can use for emailing.

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