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Four Popular Alternatives to Instagram

Posted In Social network, Technology Reviews - By Techtiplib on Tuesday, January 28th, 2014 With 2 Comments

With a significant increase in popularity of social media sites, it is quite common to see people trying different ways to share messages, photos and try other things. One of the most popular ways in social networks is Instagram. It makes sharing photos with friends a breeze. Not only it will help you upload your photos quickly, it will also give you the option of using certain digital filter to see these distinctive and stunning photos.

While other social media sites have come up with a feature photo, they usually rely heavily on other types of contributions. This is usually not the case of Instagram, which is entirely devoted to images; you like to use this service. If you do not like reading or writing about social networks do. To make it easier for you to upload your photos, you will receive a number of impressive features to use, you can use some of these resources to instantly upload your photos and put them in square frame as the good old Kodak or Polaroid pictures.

Another amazing thing is that Instagram is now available for smart mobile phone users in the form of an application. That means you can take pictures on your phone, then this application for your photos will be uploaded to the site in a few seconds.


Some alternatives to Instagram

Considering the functions of Instagram, it’s easy to see why it is one of the most popular ways to share photos with friends and friends of friends. But definitely it is not the only way to get people interested, fortunately there are alternatives available in market, and most interestingly they can also be managed through Smartphone Mobile Apps. Here are some alternatives for you to consider.


This is a good alternative to Instagram and lets you manage your photos and send them with ease. By visiting the site you will see that most of the photos are, are inspired, funny, or cute. It also allows a mobile application that gives you the opportunity to take photos in the digital device and send it to work quickly the application also allows you to use different criteria, its most interesting photos.

An interesting fact to the popularity of this site is that many people use Flickr account to share photos they take it to save on their phones, no need to store images in the phone memory and send them directly to Flickr. With Flickr, this way is a perfect example of the use, cloud computing involves storing your content online instead of a hard drive.

Pixlr – O- Matic

You can definitely use this site if you’re not interested in Instagram for any reason. Of course it is not as sophisticated, and some people still think it requires a bit of tweaking, but still remains a good alternative to Instagram. You will develop a taste for this site, if you use the filters and add effects to enjoy your photos. Your photo editing tools are powerful enough to make your pictures look different, and probably better, in fact, you may end up getting 2 million variations of your photos through these filters and tools differently. There is a consistent increase in fan base of this particular social media site, which means that you are sure to get a good number of people reviewing your images.


This specific site is competing definitely giving it your best shot with the popular photo sharing sites such as Instagram. With the availability of so many filters and with the help of a webmaster, is not far behind other popular sites. This makes it easier for you to edit and upload your photos quickly. You can change not only your photos with filters and tools, you can also add labels to make them more of a photo card. Due to the availability of the label function, you have a better chance your content viral. Once done, you can share your images with the labels of popular social media sites.


For those who do not want to share with Instagram, but still in your photos with your friends and family can ‘ Flock ‘ to try. As the name suggests, this social media site is a perfect match for all your photos in an album large place. What makes it interesting is the fact that you can set different albums that meant for another family member or friend. Although it provides a powerful way to share their images, it is not boring at all – the upload process is simple and fast, and you can do everything without much violin.

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