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How to create a PowerPoint presentation using default themes in MS Office 2013

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If you had to make each PowerPoint 2013 presentation from scrape, beginning with a plain slide, you would most likely place PowerPoint back in its box and make use of it as a bookend. Making a presentation is simple; however creating one that seems high-quality is a different story. Creating a nice-looking presentation is hard even for the creatively disposed. For non artistic types, left-brained, it is next to unattainable.

Thank heavens for templates and themes. A theme is a predefined blend of fonts, colors and effects. Diverse themes as well make use of different slide layouts. You have by now been using a theme, even though you did not recognize it: the default Office theme. You can select from a range of innovative themes whenever you like, giving your whole presentation a constant, specialized look. A template is close to a theme, but as well comprises boilerplate text.

Microsoft PowerPoint Components

Prior to you getting started with Microsoft PowerPoint (normally referred to as PowerPoint), you will have to find and open it on the PC. It might be on your desktop.

Double-click on the MS PowerPoint icon

If the MS PowerPoint sign is not on the desktop, move to the Start menu:

Click ► Start ► Programs ► Microsoft PowerPoint*

Presentation MS Powerpoint 2013

MS PowerPoint will open a plain page called “Presentation1.”

Slide Design

One of the more admired features of MS PowerPoint is the capability to make use of a wide array of design choices. In the future, you might desire to change the color and design of the background of your slides. To accomplish this, basically click on the DESIGN Tab:

The design tab toolbar lets you to apply color/pre-made design themes to the background of your slides. For every template, you have the choice of applying the design to all slides or to just the chosen slide.

Theme Elements MS powerpoint 2013

Theme Elements

Each PowerPoint theme, counting the default Office theme, encompasses its individual theme elements. Those elements are:

  • Theme Colors: There are ten theme colors, together with lighter and darker variations, accessible from each Color list of options.

Theme Colors MS Powerpoint 2013

  • Theme Fonts: There are two theme fonts accessible at the top of the Font list of options in Theme Fonts.

Theme Fonts MS Powerpoint 2013

  • Theme Effects: These have an effect on the set shape styles. You can get shape styles on the Format tab every time you choose a shape or SmartArt graphic.

Theme Effects MS powerpoint 2013

Why make use of Themes?

If you are making use of a theme, you will most likely discover that your presentation seems pretty fine. All of the shades will function well together, which implies you will not have to spend as much time designing your presentation. However there is an added great explanation to make use of theme elements: once you change to a different theme, all of those elements will bring up to date to reflect the fresh theme. You can radically change the appearance of your presentation in one or two clicks.

Applying Themes

All themes built-in in PowerPoint are positioned in the Themes group on the Design tab. Themes can be changed or applied whenever you like.

To Apply a Theme:

Choose the Design tab on the Ribbon, and then find the Themes group. Every image represents a theme.

  • Tick the More drop-down bullet to notice all of the accessible themes.
  • Clicking the More drop-down bullet
  • Choose the preferred theme.

The theme will be applied to the whole presentation. To use a different theme, just choose it from the Design tab.

Design Tab MS powerpoint 2013

Once you have applied a theme, you can as well choose a variation for that theme from the Variants group. Variants apply different theme colors whilst preserving a theme’s general look. A number of variants as well make use of different textures.

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