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How to delete account of social networks?

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Nowadays, social networks are becoming popular and familiar to many people. Signing up for a social networking account is easy, but sometimes delete it may be difficult. The following are guides on how to delete the account of social networking including: Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, …

How to delete Facebook account?

There are two options for deleting Facebook account:

1. Deactivate: This way to “Deactivate” your Facebook account and you can still reactivate any time you want. To get started, visit:

Delete Facebook account 1

2. Completely delete: Visit page:, click on “Delete My Account” button, enter your password and captcha, then click “Okay” button to finish. 

Delete Facebook account 21

Delete Facebook account 22

By this way, your account will initially be deactivated and will be completely removed after 2 weeks. During this week, once you log-in the account will be activated again.

How to delete a Twitter account?

To delete your Twitter account just following: Access your account here, go to the Setting page, scrolling down the page and click on the link “Deactive My Account“. DONE!

Delete Twitter account 1

Delete Twitter account 2

Your account will be completely removed after 30 days, once you access this time  your account will reactive!

How to delete a Google+ account?

Following the steps below to start:

Access your Google+ account here:

Go to the Setting page by click on the “Home” button at the top of your right:

Delete Google Plus account 1

Scrolling down to find “Disable Google+“, click on the link as the photo below:

Delete Google Plus account 2

Choose “Required: I understand that deleting this service can’t be undone and the data I delete can’t be restored”.

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