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Is the Technology There to Let Your Staff Work From Home Yet?

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Technology is changing the face of business in many ways, and it’s interesting seeing just how quickly or slowly different companies are embracing these changes.

One area that is particularly interesting for example is working from home. There was a time when this would be unfeasible for the vast majority of companies to offer, but these days technology actually makes it very easy for many businesses to let their staff stay home and still turn in a good day’s work.

This then leaves a lot of companies in an interesting dilemma. On the one hand, letting staff work from home has a lot of advantages and would probably be highly appreciated by many members of the team. But at the same time it just feels somewhat wrong and there still are various potential scenarios in which this could prove to be a mistake. Read on to find out how technology can allow you to let your staff work from home, and whether or not your organization should embrace that just yet…

Is the Technology There to Let Your Staff Work From Home Yet

The Technology

So what technology is it that allows staff to work from home these days?

Well, for one, portable computers are now more than powerful enough to handle a full-day’s work. There was a time when a powerful machine that took up an entire desk would be a requirement, but these days ultra books and slate computers are more than capable of handling most business-centric tasks.

Then there’s the fact that a lot of work these days is done on the cloud anyway. In other words, the information isn’t stored in any one physical location – it doesn’t exist on a hard drive – rather it exists on one or multiple servers that anyone in your office can access from anywhere. That means your staff will be able to edit a document or a spreadsheet, and that everyone else will see those changes updated live to avoid complications.

There are tons of tools as well that utilize the cloud in other ways – for assigning work in a streamlined manner, for creating to-do lists and more. Then there is video conferencing software for conducting meetings remotely, and phone systems that can transfer calls to mobiles. There are even online time clocks for keeping track of hours worked. Security cameras, VoIP over IP phone systems, scanners and more can all help too.

Pros and Cons

So that’s the technology, but why would your business be interested in using it?

Well of course there’s the fact that it’s likely to be greatly appreciated by the staff themselves, which is something that every company should consider (this also attracts the best staff to your organization which is another point to think about). At the same time though, there’s also the fact that working from home can often actually be more conducive to productivity. Your staff will be able to start working with more energy for instance because they won’t have commuted into work, and they will be able to choose the conditions they work in and ensure they are comfortable and uninterrupted.

Ultimately, letting staff work from home using the latest hardware and software will create a more high-tech image for your business and a more laid-back and forward thinking vibe.

But there are downsides too. For one, if your whole team works from home then they aren’t going to develop the same kinds of relationships or the same sense of belonging that they may have otherwise. At the same time, if your staff work from home this can leave your office looking empty. You can use CCTV to keep an eye on it, but this doesn’t reflect well on your organization when someone comes to take a look around your business and it can leave you understaffed in case of an emergency that requires immediate attention.

And while you can track the hours put in and the amount of work your staff do, you won’t know for sure precisely how many hours they are working and won’t be able to look into ways of increasing efficiency. Sometimes there is a big benefit to being able to lean over someone’s shoulders and to have control of their work environment.

So there are pros and cons to letting your staff work from home, and which weigh more heavily will depend partly on the nature of your business. If you aren’t ready to make the full commitment though, then why not let your employees work from home one day of the week? Or perhaps offer flex time?

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