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Playing a Very Different type of Online Game called Minecraft

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If you have played a dozen online games then you have played almost all of them as there may be some variation in the general concept and the progression of each game. In other words, each game may have a little difference over the others as to the methods you play and the ultimate goal set forth so that you win or lose out. However, they mostly feel repetitive if you go on playing letting in less of creative ideas to play, but more to do with the placement techniques that the games are already programmed for.

In sharp contrast the Minecraft games have a uniqueness that is both creative and blended with adventure so that you play either individually or in multiplayer servers. This is in fact something like a real life adventure of some bygone era where monsters roam to destroy any living being who do not belong to their fold and where the human is depicted as a physically weak creature save for his brain.

Playing a Very Different type of Online Game called Minecraft

The only way to gain knowledge of the game is by experiencing it and hence the website is offering the premium version for free. It is to be noted that the game when it appeared in the online market it sold over eleven million titles and more than forty million through mobile and console platforms.

What is the uniqueness of this game?

The minecraft game has certain uniqueness unlike other online games as it allows the player to let their imagination and creativity come to the fore as they tackle the problems of the virtual world. This may be imaginative yet the ideas that you as a player would need to implement is very much like in real life as you would when faced with a crisis of life and death. Of course, death doesn’t occur to you nor to other players in actual life although in the game you die and are again reborn and are generally called re-spawn.

When you re-spawn it means that you have fought to death against the ultimate villain or monster and have again reborn with the need to start your world all over again. Here, in this game you are able to do almost anything you feel is appropriate to the situation you are in. You are assisted with a host of tools, weapons and armors of the most advanced type so that you can fight your level best against strange monstrous creatures.

If you browse the Minecraftium website you will be able to download the game into your PC and start to play at once and all these free of cost. You can either start with the single player or multiplayer but to play you must have the latest Java script installed.

Playing 3 different modes

The game can be played in three different modes and this is only for single player version. The names of the modes are survival, hardcore and creative and as the name indicates each is distinct from the others in several aspects. In other words, when you are playing in survival mode you are pitted into a randomly generated world where you will find that you have nothing to support yourself with.

You will naturally have to find your own shelter, food, make your own materials or craft them accordingly for survival in the very first night. Undoubtedly the place is full of unknown monsters and dangers of all sorts. The minecraftium website suggests that if you are new then you should make yourself acquainted with this first mode.

The next mode is the hardcore version where you will need to be more experienced and hence the appropriate name for the same. In this case you will not be able to re-spawn once you die unlike the survival mode version. In the creative mode you are allowed to play with your creative best and this means that there is an additional strength you have and that is ability to fly and make use of unlimited resources. You are at liberty to build sophisticated structures or anything else that you can imagine possible for you to do.

The game is therefore quite enriching and entertaining and in the case of the multiplayer version you may get the chance to play with others all around the world.

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