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Quick Work in MS Office Word 2013

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A long time passed from the moment of sales starting of MS Office 2013. But there are still not many people familiar with new version. Microsoft positions this product as corporative one; company pays more attention to online functions. Besides, many people are confused because of app variants Office 365 with a subscription from of use. The basis of this package is MS Office 2013 with all traditional apps.

Belt interface of the menu (it appeared in Office 2007) became more convenient, we can see new instruments there. Therewith it is possible to switch it over to a variant for work on a sensor screen.

Quick Work in MS Office Word 2013

Internet integration

You will have an opportunity to raise the effectiveness of work by different ways. For example, you can do it with the help of fast access to files, settings synchronization or using patterns and social networks.

Fast access to files and settings

It is offered to users to keep files in SkyDrive on default. Using of standard saving dialogues and opening of files you can easily work with documents in the “cloud”. It gives many advantages, the main one is a quick access to the actual file version.

Choosing a pattern as you like

The patterns have been using for long time ago in MS Office. But it has never been so easy to search and download them. In the new version there are a lot of patterns and you can look thought them online, without loading. Popular patterns are at the main page, the other ones you can find by the key word.

Integration to social networks

In Office 2013 there is a support of many popular web resources. Due to this you can attach files to Facebook news line or use photos from Flickr account in presentation making. Besides mentioned services Office 2013 supports Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn.

Integration to social networks_

New functions and settings

MS Office 2013 is the first version which is good for work on only by the keyboard, but using touch-sensitive screen. In this version the menu line was remade. For pad’s screens you can activate sensor-control mode.

Inset files from the web

Functions of inset video or graphic files in new package are really extended. It is possible to use many other sources except First of all, you can search by pictures in Bing; secondly, there is an opportunity to use Flickr. Besides, it allows inserting images from your own storage SkyDrive. Concerning video files, MS Office 2013 works with YouTube and Bing Video.

Graphic and video control in MS Word

In new word processor it is easier to control wrapping. If you insert some object there will be a sign near it (after pressing it you will see six variants of wrapping).

PDF-files editing in MS Word

Now Word can not only save texts in PDF-format, but even fully work with them. When you open PDF-file the program analyses it and if there is some text there, it converts into Word-format and becomes available for editing. After making all corrections the documents converts back to PDF.

Teamwork with document

In Office 2013 there is a function to look through corrected text and it is possible to see notifications about correction in the margins. Besides, in new release it is possible to control remarks showing and to answer them.

New reading mode

You can use Word 2013 as a “reader”. It is possible to turn over the pages with the help of gestures (for sensor screens) and with the help of control elements. There is also an autofit of the type here.

Such version is really helpful and convenient for users. Microsoft seems to take care of our comfort.

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