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Ready to Join the Smart Home Generation? Take a Look at the 5 Best Home Automation Systems

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You’ve decided it’s time to move your home into the 21st century. However, there are so many home automation systems to choose from and each company offers different features and has their own strengths and weaknesses. So how can you be sure to choose the best? Here are five that stand out and are guaranteed to make your home a safer, more energy-efficient, and comfortable place.

Ready to Join the Smart Home Generation - Take a Look at the 5 Best Home Automation Systems

“There are so many home automation systems to choose from and each company offers different features and has their own strengths and weaknesses”


This system has three packages: Home Security, Energy Management, and Home Automation. The first includes basics like window and door sensors, remote access, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and motion detectors. The energy management package has all these features plus lighting, temperature, and small appliance controls. Home automation provides all these services and automatically-locking doors, video monitoring, and alerts for non-emergency situations. A bonus: there is also a Solar Energy package. For the family looking for all that home automation has to offer, Vivint is the best choice.

LifeShield Security

This system is also available in three packages. Basic monitoring has a base, console, door and window sensors, a wireless remote, and around-the-clock professional and interactive remote monitoring. Additional sensors (including a motion sensor that won’t sound an alarm if your pet goes to the kitchen for a snack), and fire detection come with the Gold package. Platinum Plus provides all the benefits of Gold as well as video surveillance and a wireless video camera. This is a great option if you aren’t so sure how much automation your home needs. You can start with a smaller package, and then as time goes on and you decide you want more security, or other automation features throughout your home, you can add on or upgrade.

Protect America

It comes with 24/7 monitoring, a lifetime guarantee on parts, and EasyMove, so you can take it with you. It’s also interactive and has a free app by which you can see live video, remotely control the alarm or monitor its status, and turn connected appliances and lights on and off from anywhere. GE’s wireless security system ensures the efficient operation of this system. This is a great system for the tech-savvy family. If you plan on automating your home frequently from your Smartphone or tablet while you are away, Protect America will be an easy way to monitor your home using all of your devices while you’re away from home.


The name says it all. This system lets you know when doors, windows, and drawers are opened or closed, when the kids get home from school. It knows your wake and sleep schedules (and whether or not you are home), alerts you to leaks and floods, and more. It will even help you locate your car keys. The system is customizable and so easy to set up and use even a beginner will have it up and running in minutes. This is a great system for the forgetful parent—forgot to close the garage, lock the backdoor, or leave a key for your teenagers to get in after school? No problem. The features of SmartThings’ system will allow you to do all of this from any remote location, allowing you to close the garage, lock up, or let the kids in. While this is a great system for the tech-savvy family, it’s also an easy system to learn so it’s a great choice for the technologically impaired, or home automation rookies.


Not only does this product perform all the standard security functions, it can monitor your home’s environment (even humidity), allow you to catch up on weather, news, and sports, and control climate control devices based on the amount of energy you use and its cost. This system is mostly for families who aren’t as worried about having the home on lock down, but for those families who live in safer areas that are concerned about comfort and efficiency. While security options are offered, many of the features are geared towards getting the perfect temperature, lighting, and entertainment for your home.

FrontPoint Security

The system provides unparalleled protection against theft, fire, medical emergencies, and even environmental threats. What’s more, you’ll feel safe knowing that it’s almost impossible to tamper with or destroy. And if the electricity goes out, the system’s back-up batteries will keep it up and running for 24 hours. This is a great system for anyone that lives in an area that experiences frequent storms. If you truly want to be prepared in an emergency, this is the system for you. It’s also a great system for those families with teenagers, where medical emergencies, small fires, and other home-damaging accidents are more frequent than parents might like.

With dozens of companies offering home automation and each differing in price, features and amenities, it can be tough to pick the perfect system for your family and home. Review these top 5 systems to decide which one best fits your family’s needs, financial situation, preferences, and lifestyle. You’ll be sure to find a system that caters to all of these factors; providing your family with all they will ever need.

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