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Rediscover the Fun with Candy Crush Level 33

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Level 33 is considered as one of the hardest ones to complete in the Candy Crush Saga along with 19 other levels. When you reach level 33, you most probably will find it daunting as the moves here are limited while you need to accomplish a lot. The move requires clearing of 16 jelly blocks. Since you need to use the moves carefully without error, employing a sound strategy is the best way to beat this level successfully.

Rediscover the Fun with Candy Crush Level 33

Objective of the Game

The goal in this level is to clear up the 16 jelly blocks. You need to score 32,000 points with the 14 moves given for the level. The jellies are arranged in two by two blocks, so you can do the match in the top 2 blocks using the basic match 3 moves. For every jelly block, you need 2 matches in the top portion to clear the jelly.

Stumbling Block

With four quadrants present, you need to match each quadrant 4 times. You will need 16 moves to finish this if you are able to clear the jelly with every move. And further the quadrants are designed so you will not be able to form a 5 candy match and getting a wrapped candy is far-fetched. So, you end up with having to make your moves with the striped candy and the match 3 type. If you look at the level objectively, a player needs a minimum of 20 moves to get past the level.

Tackling the Squares

Here are some tips that will get you over the stumbling blocks.

  • While you play on a mobile, you can exit and enter the game without any limit on the number of times you do it provided you do not start on a move. The initial candy arrangement differs every time you refresh.
  • You need to get a 4 candy match in the bottom quadrant over the jelly.
  • Striped candy can be used to clear the whole row or the jelly column to get a score that is high enough to get past the level.

Be Careful with the Moves

When you make moves, try to start from the bottom except when you get a four candy match or you get to burst 2 jellies in the top layer. Working on the sides always gives you the edge you need. Use the right or left side striped candy to clear up the jelly in the opposite corner. Whenever possible burst 2 jellies, so you need not strive hard to make better moves towards the end. Since the moves are limited, try using them wisely and remember that a wasted move can strand you.

Using Combos

When you have used up the moves in the lower quadrants, you need to look at the combos. Striped and wrapped candy combo works well here. Placing a wrapped candy in each of the four quadrants or blending both the wrapped and striped in each quadrant will clear up the jellies faster.

Since the level has limited moves and no possibility of forming 5 candy combos, it can be quite a big challenge. But with the right moves and skillful planning, you can beat the level and enjoy doing it.


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Simon enjoys coming up with many strategies to tackle difficult levels of various online games. He describes candy crush level 33 as one of his favourites when he tries to score high overcoming all the hurdles of the game.

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