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Social Buffs for WordPress

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Social Buffs is a WordPress plugin for aggregating, fetching and displaying your social media followers/activities. Social Buffs for WordPress currently sum your Google+ Page 1 count, Google Page CircledBy count, Facebook page fans, YouTube subscribers, YouTube total upload views, YouTube views count, Twitter followers, Instagram followers, …

Read more about the plugin: Social Buffs for WordPress

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  • Facebook: Get the number of fans you have on your Facebook page.
  • Twitter: Count the numbers of Twitter followers.
  • Google+: Get the numbers of Google Plus page 1 Count & CircledBy Count.
  • Instagram: Get the numbers of Instagram followers
  • YouTube: Get total YouTube subscribers. You can sum up the Subscribers, View Counts and the Total Upload View Counts.
  • Vimeo: Get total Vimeo Channel subscribers.
  • Forrst: Get the numbers of Forrst followers.
  • Github: Get the numbers of Github followers.
  • Dribbble: Get the numbers of Dribbble followers.
  • Pinterest: Count Pins for the URL you specify.
  • LinkedIn: URL shared count on LinkedIn.
  • StumbleUpon: Count the number of stumbles on a specific URL.


If you need this plugin, you can buy it here (price: $11) Or comment this article/ Contact me with your real email I’ll share for you!

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