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Some Technical Points to Save Printer Ink

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Have you been looking for some tips through which you can make the most out of your printer and you do not have to face the issue that you are out of ink too soon? This always happens at awkward times when you do not even expect your printer to give the message you are out of ink.

If you know the right way of using your printer then you will not have to encounter all of a sudden surprises. This happens mostly because of our behaviors of using such technological resources that have made our lives easier.

Some Technical Points to Save Printer Ink

Some Technical Points to Save Printer Ink

Keeping the font size small, print what you need, change the settings to gray scale or draft mode, as these are common techniques that we should be aware of. What can we do in order to make the printer perform efficiently to save ink so that when we are in need of it, we may not face any kind of trouble? Here are some more tips and tricks that can help you further save ink and enhance the performance of your printer:

Check print preview

Before taking out the print, it is better to check the preview by print preview option. See whether the page looks good and it is according to requirements. The print preview will show you how the print will actually look like. You will have to change the settings manually. If you do not need the document for formal use and it is just for checking or informal use then print several pages on a single paper. Reduce the size of the images or exclude them if they are unimportant.

Know how to handle your inkjet printer

You must know how to handle your inkjet printer. Check the manual of the printer to learn what the manufacturer recommends you. If you are using a new printer then it can correct the common user mistakes automatically. The inkjet printer requires a steady flow of electricity. Some people are not aware how they are wasting energy with the way they use their printers. If you will completely discount your printer from power by switching off the power strip, the printer will go through a cleaning cycle when you will turn it on by connecting its electricity supply. If you keep on doing this then it will cost you energy, and ink will also be drained. It is recommended to save energy by turning the printer whenever it is needed. In order to keep the ink from drying, it is better to turn the printer off manually. Do not ever use power strip for cutting off the supply of electricity. When you will operate the printer with the manual on and off button, the printer will park the cartridge in a proper way. When the ink will be parked in the right way, the ink will not dry out.

Use the last bit of ink

Some of the users do not even bother to look whether the ink from the printer has been drained or not. A printer surely gives messages that you are going out of ink but sometimes it is giving false message. Before throwing away, check whether there is ink present or not. If you are using a laser printer, shake the toner cartridge so that you can use the last bit of toner out of it. This will break the accumulated powder and you will get to make the out of the ink. The toner is actually powder so it can form clumps. This may not work if you are using a laser ink cartridge. It is a different story when you are a laser printer because the ink cartridges meant for this printer contain liquid ink so there is no way it will clump.

Ignore false messages

Do not get alarmed if your printer says that your ink cartridge or toner cartridge is empty. 10 to 30 percent life will be left so do not panic. Printers are habitual of giving prior messages. Keep on printing till the cartridge is out of ink. When the printer gives first message, it has better you purchased a replacement so that you do not have to rush at the eleventh hour.

How to keep the ink alive?

There are some individuals among us, who do not use a printer often, but they do have it for meeting all of a sudden needs. Because of left idle, there are chances that the printer ink will dry out. This can be very devastating because all your money on ink cartridges will be wasted and you will have no option but to purchase a new one. What will be the use of keeping something that does not prove to be helpful when you need it the most? Does that mean you do not keep a printer at all? No! In order to prevent your printer from drying out, it is recommended that you take a print once a week so that the printer’s ink could remain alive. This will ensure the printer meets your need when it is required. Also, you will not have to fear that your money will go wasted.

Some of you might be willing to use remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges because they are now widely available. If you are confused whether to purchase them or not, then it is recommended to go about getting them if you are short of financial resources. Some of the individuals cannot spend so much money on the brand new ink cartridges. They can find discount with these remanufactured or refilled ink cartridges too. For the convenience of users Cartridge ink is providing this offer.

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