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Top 10 free android apps for 2014

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There are plenty of free apps for android that are easily accessible in the apps market nowadays. The present number of android applications in the market are numbered to stagerring 622,571. 88% of these apps are of best quality and are widely used by many gaming enthusiasits while 22% of these apps are of  low quality and are seldom used. Since the number of high quality Android games Apps are so big consequently it is not easy to find out  which apps are worth your time because nobody would want to install all the 622,751 apps into his android smart phone to know which one is worth having. With this concern in mind, we are providing you with a preview of the top 10 free android apps as chosen by Google that are designed for android smartphones. Here is our list for the top 10 free android Apps for 2014 that you may have never before seen. Pick the apps of your choice, install them into your android phone and enjoy. Recommended reading: 10 must play Android games in 2014.

Top 10 free android apps for 2014

1. Evernote – Ever note is a user friendly, free android apps that will help you work with your multimedia, with your taking notes and make you connected to the world wide web wherever you may be. It  helps you save and store nearly anything,  your ideas, the  items you like, stuff you hear and any items that you see. It can be accessed everywhere using your hand held smart phones.

2. Grimm’s Snow White – It is an award winning  Disney story collections with a brand new storyline for kids on android . Definiteley a timeless classic. It’s a  pop-up interactive story that delivers an extremely interactive reading experience designed for children to spend enjoyable time as well.

3. Expedia Hotel – It is one of the best android free apps intended for last minute travelers. You can easily find the nearby hotels and the available flights as well. It locates restaurants, stores and hotels near your place with GPS phones and will help you to collect enough  information concerning distance, prices etc.

4. Fancy – The fancy software can be utilized to find, collect and purchase from a crowd-curated listing of wonderful places, awesome goods, cool stuff and purchase the items you like and wish later on.

5. Series guide – It is an application is designed for  watching your most-liked TV  shows online and to back up its future developments by purchasing then x series. With this kind of free android apps you may also share movies and videos with all your friends as well.

6.  PIXLR  Express – It is an attractive and refreshing app for the younger generation since they are more inclined to edit and make effects to pictures. It has over 600 layouts, borders, effects with a ton of modification capabilities. It is a free  and fun photo editor that allows you to fix, re-size and  crop any picture related issues.

7. Pinterest – Pinterest is a free application to discover, collect and share important pictures, notes, and objects of inspiration. Use it to gather and organize the things  you love  and plan important  events as well.

8. TED -This is a free android apps that enables you to hear or watch the captivating talks of extraordinary people from all over the world for free.

9. pocket – A free apllications that lets you save just about anything that you may find interesting on the net and make it available foe later reading or viewing.   It can be automatically syncs with your tablet, candroid smart phone. It is very helpful for archiving your discoveries for future use.

10. Ancestry – This apps not only provides you entry to the research databases but shows you how to use them as well. Within a couple of hours, you can dig up a wealth of information of your generation, that you can develop in a couple of days or so to produce a chart and other souvenir for family members during family reunions or for a very long time if you choose to continue with your hobby.

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