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Why Samsung’s Smart Home Falls Short of the Vision of True Interconnectedness

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One of the more interesting things to come out of CES this year was Samsung’s vision of the ‘smart home’. At CES one expects to see the usual array of phones and tablets – even the odd revolutionary device such as the Oculus Rift, Google Glass or something completely new.

But what nobody was really prepared for was for Samsung to release a cooker… and then to show how that could be tied into everything else.

Why Samsung's Smart Home Falls Short of the Vision of True Interconnectedness

What Is the Samsung Home?

The Samsung Smart Home was a vision for a home in which every device could communicate with every other device in your home. That includes your TV of course, but also your washing machine, your cooker, your heating and pretty much anything else that you plug into the wall or use batteries with.

In the demonstration a representative from Samsung talked the audience through an everyday scenario in the Samsung smart home with a little help from an actress called Laurie. In the demonstration the actress rushed to work and forgot to put on her washing machine/turned off the lights before she got in the car. Oh no! Fortunately though, she lived in a Samsung smart home, so all she had to do was talk to her watch and say ‘going out’ – which would automatically dim the lights, start the washer, and also cool the heating and the start a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Halfway through her workday, Laurie started to worry about her home. Rather than fret though, she was fortunately able to launch ‘homeview’ on her phone and then see a live feed of her house looking just fine before.

With another command to her smart watch – ‘coming home’ – she could make sure that the house was warm and the lights were on ready for her to relax after work. While watching TV she later got a notification from her washing machine reminding her to take her clothes out. She carries on watching TV in the kitchen while she empties the washing – thanks to a TV in that room mirroring the same program. And then when she sits back down – and speaks to her remote to say she wants to go into a movie mode – the lights dim and the speakers increase to ensure you get the very best film-viewing experience. The amazing thing? All this will be available this year.

The Limitations

So that all sounds pretty impressive, but what are the limitations? Unfortunately, there are a few and they conspire to together prevent the Samsung Smarthome from quite fulfilling the ideal of the ‘house of tomorrow’. So what’s the problem?

For starters, in order to get this kind of interconnectedness you would need to own entirely Samsung devices. That’s right – you’d need your washer to be made by Samsung, all your TVs to be made by Samsung, your watch and phone… you get the picture.

Not only would this mean buying/replacing all of your items, but also it would mean getting locked into an eco-system that would be very difficult to get out of. Want a new TV? Well, unless you’re happy to throw your whole smart home into disarray you might want to reconsider…

Of course not every TV from Samsung is going to work with this technology, even, and they probably won’t have the widest number of washing machines available… So that leaves you with a pretty limited selection to choose from. What if the washing machine is a power hog? Or just not that good?

In fact, to use a lot of these features you would need a Galaxy Gear. That’s right – the same Galaxy Gear that isn’t really selling and that’s received pretty bad reviews. And that has the downside of meaning you can’t easily wear another, nicer-looking watch.

So the Samsung Smart Home is a very cool concept and made for a great presentation. But will it be the future of how we interact with appliances in our homes? Probably not. And until OEMs learn to play fair, that dream may yet be a long way off in general. And anyway, the true potential of smart homes isn’t going to be revealed until they start making smart window replacements, smart walls and smart bathroom mirrors!

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Nancy Baker, the author of this article, is a freelance blogger who is currently writing for, Vinyl City, which undertakes window replacement contracts in Vaughan. She loves participating in art and cooking competitions. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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