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Why You Should Consider Playing a Running Game on Your Mobile Device

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Running games are doubtlessly popular. Many play and enjoy them. Some even become too passionate in spending time with these games that they couldn’t let go of their Smartphones or tablets before they could clear a round or stage.

If you are one of those who have not been swayed to playing running games yet, you might want to reconsider.

Why You Should Consider Playing a Running Game on Your Mobile Device

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There are those who dismiss running games as time-wasters as they are perceived to not have the kind of superior brain stimulation other games can offer. However, these games actually offer a number of advantages that can convince you to try and enjoy them. They are not just no-brainer games after all.

1. Enhanced Focus and Alertness

With running games, you have to learn how to be decisive as you need to make a decision in almost every few seconds. Should you turn right or Left? Jump or dock? Should you pick a gem or should you just skip it? Running games present a lot of instances when you have to quickly identify the right action to do. This helps make you more alert and mindful of consequences. This is a great way to train your focus. Many studies have proven how video games can help in improving focus and mobile running games are not an exception.

2. Better Eyesight

Because of the fast-paced nature of endless running games, the eyes are put to greater work and are trained to become more perceptive. A 2009 University of Rochester study found that those who play first person shooter games tend to develop better eyesight as they instinctively increase their visual capabilities to spot elements in the game. Running games are comparable to first person shooter games in the amount of action, level of details, and perspective.

Running games at present already sport HD graphics that offer an excellent platform for exercising visual functions. An endless runner game that rocks like Subway Surfers or other games with stunning details and a multitude of game elements can be great for improving visual alertness and focus.

3. Improved Hand-Eye Coordination

Running games entail a lot of action. They require you to be in control of the game. Unlike puzzles or turn-based games, you need to be quick. Your fingers need to move to respond to the action happening on screen. You need sharp eyes to visually perceive the game environment and figure out the right moves to do. With running games, you have to learn how to match your visual perceptiveness with the dexterity of your hands and fingers. Good estimation also gets honed as you familiarize yourself in controlling the effects of the accelerometer of your device over the game.

4. Improved Reading Skills

A University of Padua study in February 2013 noted how fast-paced games help improve the reading skills of children with dyslexia. The research involved two groups of children ages 7 to 13. One group were made to play a fast-paced video game called “Rayman Raving Rabids” while the other were tasked to play a game with a slower pace. It was found that those who played the fast-paced game became more accurate and faster with their reading skills. It is believed that games with a lot of motion and actions involved tend to extend attention span, something that is necessary in developing good reading skills.

5. Anxiety, Stress and Pain Relief

Did you know that video games can actually help address anxiety, pain, and stressful emotions? A study presented at the American Pain Society’s annual scientific meeting in 2010, showed evidence that virtual reality video games can reduce anxiety and pain. Virtual reality games are those that make a player immerse in the game’s situation. Endless running games are an example. A game that tends to make you move your whole body (when only the hands and fingers are needed) can make you forget about pains and the state of being anxious.

Enjoy running games and the benefits they can offer. Of course, moderation is still important. There are benefits when you play without becoming obsessed, when you play to enjoy or quell the boredom. Too much gaming is still to be avoided.

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