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5 Amazing Apps US Immigrants Will Find Very Useful

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More immigrants are arriving into the US each and every year and if you’re one of them you could be a little scared. You might want to look at some of these smartphone apps because they could help you deal with any problems that might pop up in the future.

5 iOS apps useful for US Immigrants

Best Time To Cross The Border

If you’re living in the US you might travel home on occasion to see your family and friends. I’m sure you know how frustrating it can be when you arrive back at the border and the queues are miles long. Instead of waiting for hours in your car you can use an app to help you cross the border easily. Best Time To Cross The Border will tell you what the average waiting times will be like on the day you’re planning to come back to the US and it will even tell you the best time to arrive at the border.

US Citizenship 2014 Test Prep

This app will strike fear into the heart of anyone who hated school, but you must put that to the back of your mind if you want to become a US citizen. The odds are definitely in your favor because most people pass their Naturalization test every year, but there are still a small percentage of immigrants who fail. The obvious reason why they fail is because they didn’t study hard enough. If becoming a US citizen means something to you I’m sure you’ll download this app and study non-stop.

US Immigration FAQ

There must be hundreds of questions running through your mind and you need to find a way to get the answers your looking for. Immigration is a complicated process and it always feels like you’re jumping through hoops to get the most basic of information. When you land on a website you might go straight to the FAQ section to look at all the possible questions people might have, but download the US Immigration FAQ app to your phone and you’ll have all the answers you need in the palm of your hands.

Derechos Herencia

Don’t be worried by the name even though it’s in Spanish because the information is freely available in English too should you need it. There is a big problem when you move to a new country and it has to do with your rights. If you don’t know what you’re entitled to you might not ask which means you’ll not get. Knowing your rights is important for a number of reasons and when you’re arrested it’s even more important, but if you have this app on your phone you can learn everything you need to know.

Immigration News & Activism

Do you feel like nobody is listening to you even though you’re shouting at the top of your lungs? Lots of immigrants feel this way, but maybe things will change because of the Immigration News & Activism app. You will be able to keep on top of all the latest immigration news, plus you can send messages to elected officials, attend important meetings, and sign petitions using the information you find in the app. It’s a great way for every immigrant in the country to band together because you know it’s the only way they’ll listen to you.

Can they help you?

Even if you’ve been in the US for a while they might still come in very handy. It’s always great to have as much information as possible so you have the power to fight anything. You’re just lucky because these days you can have all the information you ever need sitting on a little device inside your pocket.

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The author of this article, Shruti Vaghe, is a freelance blogger currently writing for Bellissimo Law Group, reputable immigration lawyers in Canada. Shruti loves gardening and maintains the garden at her home on weekends. You can follow her on Twitter at @ShrutiVaghe.

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