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5 Android Apps to Help You Plan Your Perfect Holiday

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So the summers are just around the corner and very soon you’re going to get busy planning a holiday. The good news is that there is no shortage of apps that will help you manage and organize your holiday like a pro. Listed below are 5 incredible Android apps that will help you book your perfect getaway and make your holiday stress-free.


Planning a holiday this summer? Looking to whisk your family away to some exotic location? Hoping to lay your hands on a smashing holiday deal? If yes, Kayak is what you need. Kayak is one of the best travel apps out there, especially if you’re looking for a whole holiday package. What the app does is, it compares hundred of different travel sites and find out the best deals for you. Right from flights to hotels, to car hires and what-have-you, the app allows you to run a search for the best deals and then make bookings. What’s more, the app also gives you access to handy airport information, including flight details, airline numbers, information of additional baggage fees, and so on. So if you’re looking to find the best bargains as far as your holiday goes, give Kayak a hit.


If there’s anything you should be tripping over to manage your holiday plans like a pro, it’s Tripit! Yes, if you’re planning a holiday soon, Tripit is an indispensable tool that your Android device has got to have! To get the app running, all you need to do is tosign up for its free service. Once you’re done with this, forward all your flight details, travel confirmations, and other holiday details to a Tripit address, and the app shall take care of the rest. You could also forward other travel information like hotel reservation details, car rental info, restaurant bookings, and so on. Tripit then swallows your email and converts it into a convenient trip itinerary that is super-easy to follow. This will be a neat little folder that you can access anytime, anywhere. So there you are, all your travel plans for bookings stored in one neat place – perfect!


Now, if you’re going away on a holiday to a new place, the last thing you want to miss out on is the exotic cuisine of that place, right? Apart from the local culture, the language, and your regular sight-seeing, the best way to connect with a new place is via its food! So if you’re all game for exploring the cuisine and culinary delicacies during your holiday, Urbanspoon is the app that can help you. Urbanspoon is a great way to locate nearby restaurants and discover some ultimate dining spots within your area. With a beautiful interface and some powerful search features, Urbanspoon lets you search for restaurants in a jiffy. While running a search, users can apply a number of filters such as distance, rating, cuisine, price, popularity, and so on. So if you’re scouting for a go-to app for finding places to eat, Urbanspoon is one of the best from the bunch.

Google Maps

Google Maps is great Android app for you to plan your holiday

If you’re planning to holiday at a new destination this summer, you’ve got to make sure you have your maps and navigation tools in place. In short, make sure you’ve got Google Maps installed on your Android device. Though the app might sound a tad clichéd or old school, it is still pretty much the best option available in the market. It is clean, crisp, easy to navigate, and of course, with Google’s mapping accuracy, things only get better for this app. The app is packed with stunning satellite data, street views, and 3D views to help you understand your location. The app is not only a pro at public transit navigation in most major cities, but is also equally proficient at pedestrian and car navigation. Whether you fancy driving, biking, walking, or using the public transport system, Google Maps is definitely a must-have to help you figure your way around in a new city.


If you’re travelling to a new place for a holiday, Yelp is one app that you’re better off having than not. There are very few apps in the market that can actually give competition to Yelp when it comes to locating various businesses in a particular area. Right from bars to gas stations, to restaurants, clubs, shops, cafes and much more, Yelp’s remarkable database will help you find just about any business you might be looking for. For whatever business you search, it lets you have a look at reviews, pictures, ratings, contact details, addresses, opening hours, and more.

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