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5 Apps to Keep Your Car Healthy and Rolling

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Having your own car is the keys to freedom that most people dream of. However, having a car also comes with the potential of things going wrong, which could potentially cost you a lot of money. Luckily, technology has changed the way that your car runs and how you can monitor its diagnostics. Here is a look at five great apps to keep your car healthy and rolling.

Five apps can help you save money with your vehicle

Technology has changed the way that your car runs and how you can monitor its diagnostics

Car Xpenses
Every time you change something with your car, be sure to make a note of it in Car Xpenses. When you do, you can track many of the different elements of your car, ranging from the air filter, to brakes, to fluids and more. The percentage bars will give you an idea of when it comes time to replace the old parts in your car, so that it doesn’t lead to more dangerous situations like an accident or you breaking down. 

Neomatix Tire Check
Having enough air in your tires is a vital part of your car. Tires that don’t have enough air can lead to you getting less gas millage in your car, but it can also lead to accidents or blowing a tire when driving at a fast speed. In order to avoid all of these situations, use Neomatix Tire Check to keep track of all of your tires. This app is the same one that many garages use to  keep track of tire levels that come into their shops. But the app is also very easy to use, with an interface that is great for even those who aren’t familiar with the mechanics of their car. 

Gas can be one of the most expensive fees that it takes to keep your car on the road. The best way to monitor the fuel in your car is with AccuFuel. This app will give you detailed accounts of how well your vehicle is running on gas, including for certain trips and in a variety of circumstances. There is also a neat graph, in case you don’t like the numerical values provided. 

Having to get your car fixed can be the pits. But what’s even worse is paying for those repairs and wondering if you are paying too much. Luckily, RepairPal will tell you of all of the garages and repair shops in your area and how their prices rank with their competition. 

Good Sam Roadside Assistance
No matter how safe of a driver you are, sometimes things just happen when you are on the open road. Good Sam Roadside Assistance is there for you when those situations happen. From issues as simple as locking your keys in your car, to more serious issues like an accident, Good Sam Roadside Assistance will get you the help quickly when you need it. 

Having a car doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. Instead, by keeping an eye on it, you can save money here and there, which can certainly add up. In order to save the money with your vehicle, have the five apps mentioned here installed on your smartphone.

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