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5 iOS Apps for Smarter Home Security

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Ever imagined that a device that you once simply used to make and receive calls would someday come in handy in keeping your home secure?  Yes, besides entertaining you, educating you, and connecting you with your loved ones across the globe, your beloved smart phone can also help you keep your home safe and secure! Whether you want to make sure there are no intruders lurking around your home, want to keep an eye on what your kids are up to while you’re away, or even if you just want to maintain that peace of mind when you’re away traveling, these apps will get the job done for you. Listed below are 5 iOS apps that will help in making your home a safer place. is a terrific way to control and monitor your business or home in real-time, no matter where you might be. This is a brilliant app that allows its users to monitor and control their already-existing home security systems from their phone. The app is packed with an interactive security system, energy management, video monitoring, and home automation solutions that give you instant real-time access to places that you care about the most like your home and office.

Alarm_com - smart home app for iOS

What’s more, you can even manage your energy use, stream videos from your video camera, lock or unlock doors, set the ideal temperature, see what’s happening at your property, and so on. As long as you have a compatible security system to go along with it, this awesome free app is quite a bargain!


Presence - smart home app for iOS

Have a spare iPhone or an iPad sitting somewhere gathering dust? How putting it to greater use by turning it into a home security device? That’s right – Presence is a fantastic app that gives new meaning to old, forgotten smart phones and devices.  It lets you use your old iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone as a home security camera, as long as they have a working camera, connectivity to Wi-Fi, and access to power. The app captures video feeds and triggers off an alarm when motion is detected. You can set up the camera in a spot you would like to monitor, and then you can view the feed in real time with two-way video and audio. Can you think of a better way to put your old smart phone to good use? Bet not!


VideoRelay - smart home app for iOS

VideoRelay is yet another nifty app that goes along VideoRelay home security cameras or business security camera, allowing you to view live video feeds and communicate via two-way voice audio. The camera is equipped with a motion sensor that effectively records videos and still frames when it is activated. The system also lets you create a setup wherein you get a call every time your doorbell rings, making it possible for you to communicate with whoever’s at your front door, using live two-way voice audio. Furthermore, users can even save videos and pictures directly on their smart phones from within the app. The entire system can be accessed via the app or from a secure internet portal.


Vivint- smart home app for iOS

Serving more than 500,000 customers throughout Canada and the United States, Vivint is an exceptional home security system, dedicated to enhancing home security. The free Vivint app allows you to effortlessly monitor all your home security systems on the go. Be it locking your doors, setting your thermostat, turning your lights on or off, controlling small appliances, and what not, the Vivint app enables you to do it all. The app only works with Vivint home security products and sure does a fantastic job in letting you monitor and control every security system in your home, including appliances, door locks, thermostats, and even your home lighting system.   

XFINITY Home Security

XFINIT Home- smart home app for iOS

From the number of competent home security systems out there, XFINITY home security is arguably one amongst the best. The system is accompanied by a nifty home security app that seamless works on your iPhone, iPad, and other mobile platforms. With the help of this app, users can monitor their home security system in real-time. Regardless where you might be, with this app you can enjoy access to your home security anytime, anywhere. The app provides device control, security monitoring, and event history. So to say, besides real-time monitoring, you also have active control to arm and disarm, control your lighting system and thermostats, as well as get live video streaming from your home security cameras. If that wasn’t enough, you can even get pictures and event-triggered video clips. Recommended reading: 5 Android Apps to Help You Explore Your New Surroundings after a Home Move.

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