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7 FREE health apps for Windows 8

Posted In Health & Technology, Windows - By Techtiplib on Saturday, February 15th, 2014 With No Comments »

They are absolutely FREE for Windows 8 & 8.1 and useful for you to take care your health!

Digital Health Scorecard

The Digital Health Scorecard application is a FREE health app for Windows 8 that helps you understand your likelihood of developing common chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart or respiratory diseases or cancer. 

Dr. Herbs

Dr. Herbs is a FREE app for Windows 8, which is helpful to cure some day to day health issues that employs certain natural item which can easily be found in every kitchen. Compared to other chemical alternatives for some common health issues, these methods are less expensive and it rarely cause any side effects and have been used since ages. app is a FREE app for Windows 8 which published by Egton Medical Information Systems! By downloading this app, you can search their database of patient information leaflets on health, conditions and diseases.

Active Life

Active Life is a one stop healthcare solution for your entire family. It helps you to maintain your entire family health records in a single place – no more need for you to remember which app holds what information!

Active Life 1

Heart Age

Heart Age is published by UNILEVER UNITED STATES, it’s absolutely FREE for Windows 8. It gives you an overall idea of the health of your heart based on a variety of factors that can make you appear to have the heart health of a younger or older person.


HealthVault is a FREE app for Windows 8 that helps you take control of your health and keep your most important health information at your fingertips. It can set health goals, track progress, and discover trends.


DiseaseSense is a FREE app for Windows which provides the latest information about the origins, precautions and symptoms of the most dangerous diseases and keeps people up to date about the world health by providing them with latest news from legitimate sources.

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