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Best Ways to Share Large Video Files with Friends

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Sharing is a part of living. It is what makes life fun. On a daily basis, we interact with friends and family at different levels, sharing files with them. These are sent via emails as an attachment or uploaded to file sharing sites where they can be downloaded by a third party. The problem is in some cases that these files are quite large and uploading can be a problem. The question arises, “what is the best way to share large video files with friends?”

Obviously, the easiest way to share ridiculously large files with family and friends is by transferring it to their computer with an external storage device like a flash drive. This is your best option if you both are in the same vicinity. What if you are in different countries, how do you achieve this? Here are some ways of achieving this.


Dropbox gives FREE 2Gb for users

Dropbox has gained increasing popularity over the years, allowing users to upload files to the cloud and share with friends. Very soon, people could refer to drop box for file sharing in the same manner in which they refer to Photoshop for picture editing. With this application, users have up to 2GB of storage space and can get up to 100GB for $9.99 a month. Register a FREE Dropbox account here!


Video files can be uploaded to YouTube and shared with friends via a download link.

This video sharing site has gained popularity over the years and its users is increasing by the day. Video files can be uploaded to YouTube and shared with friends via a download link. Videos settings can be adjusted to restrict viewing, making it public to those whom you want it available to and restrict the access of those you do not want to access it.


FREE Mediafire account will get 50Gb

This is a great site for sharing large files. By using Mediafire, you are entitled to 10GB of storage space all for free while transfers are limited to 200MB. For an additional $2.49 per month, you are entitled to more storage space. Upon uploading the file, a download link is sent to you which you can send to friends so they can download the file. Register a FREE Mediafire account here.

Adobe SendNow

Adobe provides SendNow goes beyond just sending a large file.

For those who are in the graphic design industry, handling large files is an integral part of the job. High resolution images with incredible sizes, magazine covers and banner design are jobs that are synonymous with this industry. For just £14.65/$19.95 annually, Adobe provides SendNow goes beyond just sending a large file. The file tracking feature is also incorporated and you can also convert your file to PDF if that is your preference. It is all about value for your money.


MailBigFile is a British company that provides this service for the public

As the name implies, MailBigFile is a British company that provides this service for the public. It has lots of upload indicators the displays the progress so far. It can send up to 2GB of files for free. Do you need more space, make use of the £2.99 per month offer and get up to 4GB. Try FREE account of MailBigFile here!

The key to fast file sending is compression. When files are compressed, they can be uploaded to sharing sites like Mediafire and YouTube a lot faster. When you plan to compress your media file, be careful about the compressed media quality. For example, after compressing, you may loss the original video or audio quality. Selecting a right software for compressing is very important.

Wondershare Free Video Converter is a reliable application that compress video files to smaller sizes. It supports lossless conversion. You can feel free to use to use it.

Video compression is 30x faster as compared to other software. Then you can just take advantage of these applications above and boost your video sharing experience.

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