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Comindware Project – The professional project management software

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Planning is the second phase of the project management process and is necessary to start the action. In general, project planning always starts with objectives were identified after, exactly ask: “Based on our goals… we need to complete the task?”. However, when the plan starts, to manage the project effectively you should use the project management software! There are a lot of softwares has been released to help you manage projects effectively, most of them have the same features. In this article I introduce you to the Comindware Project, a new product released of Comindware  – an innovative provider of team work management solutions.

Workload in Comindware Project

Based on Comindware Team Network platform – the industry’ most effective collaboration and execution tool that dramatically changes your management experience and greatly increases employee engagement and productivity, Comindware Project provides unparalleled collaboration capabilities in the context of your projects.

Comindware Project is a professional project management software, which will bring you success in project management with advanced technology as well as the optimal cooperative. With a clean and easy to use user interface for any devices, a PC or a smartphone. All users can collaborate in a social environment brought about by Team Network, they can discuss specific tasks and access to any relevant project documents.

Tasks window Comindware Project

Always know your real-time project status with Comindware’ predictive Real-time Gantt-chart. The project plan is automatically recalculated if the task is completed before the due date or delayed.

org chart of Comindware Project

This project management software integrates well with MS Outlook by allowing users to work directly from a familiar interface and still remain connected with the project tasks and team. Comindware Project  provides you the ability to allocate human resources, creating timesheets for more project tracking and management. Users can access Comindware Project in the cloud or set it up on-premise.

Key features of Comindware Project:

Automatic Priority-based Planning

  • Drag and drop your tasks in order of priority and get the project plan built automatically

Visual WBS

  • Create a visual project structure for an easier and cleaner planning experience

Predictive Real-time Gantt-chart

  • Always see your real-time project status – as well as milestones and due dates for timely management decisions
  • The project plan is automatically recalculated based on the actual task progress and completion

Comindware Team Network

  • Team collaboration in the context of Projects
  • Project-based and company-wide activity streams
  • Rooms to discuss specific matters across or beyond your projects
  • Document Management
  • Company Directory and Organization Chart
  • Awards

Work inside MS Outlook

  • Stay productive without switching from Outlook
  • Run Comindware Project right inside your Outlook environment

In the Cloud and On-premise

  • Start quickly with Comindware’ secure Cloud
  • Or get full control with the on-premise installation

Comindware Project is ideal for individuals, small to medium-sized businesses in the: IT, creative, marketing… and it is highly suited for collaborative team projects in most types of settings either with Cloud or on-premise options.

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