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Five Most Profound Business Communication Trends for 2014

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You don’t have to hop on every communications bandwagon, but being aware of all the trends at any given time helps you make informed decisions about how your business communicates. A few steps into 2014, some trends are distancing themselves from others and proving themselves worthy of notice.

Bye-Bye to BYOD?

Well, no. But BYOD is on the verge of some notable changes. BYOD, or bring your own device, is a system used by many companies to cut back on tech costs and increase employee satisfaction. It involves a specific policy governing the use of personal devices that employees use for work, protecting the security of a business’s information. points out that BYOD could become JOC— “Join Our Cloud.” The website says, “Companies will focus primarily on application, network, and content environments…and less on asserting control over specific device choices.” This will make things simpler for both companies and employees who may have formerly had a hard time understanding or complying with a complex BYOD policy.

A few steps into 2014, some trends are distancing themselves from others and proving themselves worthy of notice.

Mobile Madness

With LTE networks blanketing the globe, it’s becoming increasingly easy for business to go mobile, dramatically decreasing dependence on desktop and laptop computers. Cloud technology, combined with mind-blowing advances in smartphone and tablet technology, is making this possible.

This trend goes beyond a business’s internal operation, however. It also affects the way they reach out to customers. A survey by Pew Internet found that “17 percent of cell phone owners do most of their online browsing on their phone, rather than a computer or other device.” This means that businesses should focus more and more on reaching these consumers via well-designed websites and other ways to reach mobile-only folks.


While physical person to person contact is one of the most effective ways to communicate, it definitely is not a big trend in 2014. With all the methods available for employees to connect to the workplace via technology, the days of everyone heading to the office every day are a fading memory. The methods of communication being used go beyond email and Skype; as business communication solutions continue to evolve, more and more ways of connecting are bound to arise.

This trend is different from traditional outsourcing in that these telecommuters are fully integrated employees of a company. There is still a community atmosphere and a team mentality, but with a physical distance—and sometimes that distance stretches between continents. This decentralization saves employees time on their commute and opens up opportunities for businesses to hire talent across the globe.

Social Media Supremacy

These days, asking someone if they have a social media account is almost like asking if own a computer. The answer is rarely no. Then it should come as no surprise that three out of the five communication trends listed on a professional blog are directly related to social media.

You might think that social media isn’t so much a trend as it is a staple in businesses, and, indeed, if it isn’t a well-used tool in your business, you have to start playing catch-up. A year or two ago it was cool if a business utilized social media, but it wasn’t necessary. It is becoming necessary in today’s world. The abovementioned blog post states, “if you aren’t current on social media, you’re outdated.”

The trend transcends merely using social media. Businesses must use it wisely. Google+ is quickly climbing its way up in terms of importance to businesses. It is a well-designed platform that has the potential to greatly boost SEO, as more and more companies are discovering.

Design for the Eyes

YouTube, Vine, and Instagram all offer a feast for consumer’s eyes, meaning that they give businesses a golden way to appeal to customers. While providing valuable content in the form of blog posts and articles is still an effective way of reaching out,  many people lack either the time or the patience to read 500 words on a topic. They will, however, watch a video or scan an infographic that presents the same information.

The year is young, and you still have time to evaluate current trends and decide which of them will benefit your business. Staying current with relevant technology will give you the competitive edge you need.

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