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Five Tips to Rid yourself of Unwanted Calls

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Some sales and marketing companies appear reluctant to change their tactics of cold calling in search of business.  Their employees are offered excellent commission rates to sign new customers. It is not everyone that can succeed in this business and there is often a huge turnover of staff in the call centres.  The whole idea of using these tactics has come under increasing question as consumers regard their telephones as a service, not a potential cause of upset. If you are suffering from a spate of calls, there are things you can do.

The whole idea of using these tactics has come under increasing question as consumers regard their telephones as a service, not a potential cause of upset.

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Telephone Preference Service

If you enroll in this service (TPS) you are protected in theory from unsolicited calls from marketing companies that are based in the UK. It has proved to be of limited value if we are to believe what we read. It does not claim to block international calls, market research companies, nor calls that are any better than scams. However, enrolment is still worthwhile to reduce the number of companies out there that might approach you.

Ex Directory

If you are ex directory, in theory you will not appear on any of the lists that companies use for their cold calling. There is not a complete security because you will obviously have provided your number to people you are happy to talk to. That number can therefore be passed on completely innocently though it should never make its way onto cold call lists.

Caller ID

You can resolve to only answer calls when the caller’s number can be read before you answer. The only problem here is that if you do not answer, you may find that the caller automatically rings back until the phone is answered. Most call centres have the technology to do this so at some point you may need to answer.

Marketing lists

You can make sure you do not tick any boxes agreeing to marketing news coming from a website from which you have bought goods. As part of the sales process you are often asked to provide a telephone number.  There is a potential danger in that and if you have specifically said that you want no future contact then you will have to report any calls you receive.

An effective blocker

You can do all the above but ultimately the best thing you can do is to get a good nuisance phone call blocker; it is surprising how quickly numbers will be blocked with a whole community of people within a system tackling the problem head on. If a number is blocked by an individual it can no longer get through to anyone in the community. The speed with which that creates an impenetrable barrier to those sales and marketing companies will hopefully lead to their changing their strategy in the search for sales.

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