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How Do I Dispose of the Office Computers?

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Are you responsible for updating the company’s IT systems? Is part of your job description buying new hardware and making sure that desktop computers, laptops, and tablets are functional and up to date? If so, your task must also include disposing of the IT equipment the company no longer needs. Unfortunately, businesses pay much less attention to safe disposal than they do to procurement and set-up. However, electronic rubbish is a rapidly increasing segment of the UK’s business waste. The computers you no longer need must go somewhere (apart from the storage cupboard). And the data on these old machines must also be safely disposed of. Do you know how you’re going to get rid of your unwanted IT equipment? Recommeded reading: How to shred computer hard drives.

Recycling or Landfill?

It is important not to forget about the environment when it comes to disposing of electronic items. It may be easier to think about recycling paper or drinks cans, but recycling computers is also possible. Apart from wasting resources, throwing out electronics damages the environment, because the components that make up the average computer contain hazardous and toxic substances that can pollute land, air, and water. For example, one computer can contain up to 2kg of lead.

Regulations for Computer Waste

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Regulations for Computer Waste

You need to make sure you dispose of your electronic equipment in the correct way so you meet the requirements of new legislation. WEEE – legislation that covers waste electrical and electronic equipment – says that this waste must be dealt with separately from other waste, and you must obtain proof that you disposed of the equipment through a waste management company that is qualified to handle electronic rubbish.

Process of Computer Disposal

In many cases, you can return unwanted old computer equipment to the manufacturer. You could also give computers and other gadgets to a charity that deals with unwanted electronics. Or you could use the services of a professional waste disposal facility such as Professional waste disposal services should comply with WEEE – check credentials before you hand over your equipment. Also, find out if the company offers the full disposal service – secure collection, secure “shredding,” or wiping of data on the machines, and a recycling service. Using a disposal service ensures that your hard drives and memory, monitors, and laptops are destroyed – and parts are recycled whenever possible without the risk of contamination.

If you want to get rid of computer equipment safely and correctly, contact the service provider to discuss your requirements. Find out how much the service will cost and what you need to do in order to make your equipment ready for secure disposal. Remember that simply erasing documents or wiping the hard drive is not enough to put sensitive or confidential data out of the public realm. Ask for advice if you are worried about compliance with regulations and what you need to do about data protection.

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