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How to Save Money and Still Get All the Coolest Technology

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Being an early adopter means seeing a piece of technology that’s brand new, that’s probably rather unusual, and that’s maybe even somewhat impractical. Rather than deciding you aren’t going to pursue it for those reasons however, those are instead the precise things that make you want it all the more. You want it because it stands out, because no one else has it yet, and because it will make you feel like you’re bringing home a piece of the future.

And when you get this right and buy a truly great piece of tech it can make all the difference. Most of us will spend a shockingly great proportion of our time these days using technology – whether that’s a computer, a tablet or smartphone or a television/games console. If you upgrade that to something slicker, faster and more enjoyable to use then all that time spent will be more pleasant and you’ll even get those jobs done quicker.

But if you’re saving for a house or for a holiday then suddenly being an early adopter can be a problem. When you need a mortgage, then a new Xbox One isn’t a priority and nor is that new laptop. So how do you keep up this hobby when you’re meant to be spending? Here are some suggestions…

Get Involved in the Industry

Tip one is to get involved with the industry either part time or full time. At the most basic level this could mean working in a tech shop (or getting your child to) and getting a nice discount. On the other hand you could set up a tech blog to earn a side income – suddenly your hobby is now good for your finances rather than being a drain on them. This then will also allow you to receive ‘review products’ completely for free to try out – review phones on YouTube and you’ll end up with more handsets than you know what to do with.

At the same time, even if you don’t get all your gadgets for free this way, having a blog or log where you discuss tech will allow you to claim the money you spend on those items as an expense on your tax. That in turn will mean you are essentially paying only a portion of that amount as you’ll be forced to give less money back at the end of the day.

Use the Right Tricks

Use the Right Tricks

“This can mean negotiating the right mobile phone contracts for instance, or finishing yours early”

There are also a number of great tricks you can use in order to get your technology much cheaper or even for free. This can mean negotiating the right mobile phone contracts for instance, or finishing yours early. Get an expensive handset on a mid-range contract, then threaten to leave the contract, and you’ll probably be offered the same deal for less. See, that’s a win!

Likewise, you can enjoy newer tech by choosing to buy devices that will keep their value and then selling them on in order to afford the next items. Apple fans can do this with iPhones fortunately – and if you trade in your old handset at the end of each year, then the upgrade really won’t cost you all that much. Other options include renting gadgets, buying in bulk then selling the spares/teaming up with friends to buy in bulk and more.

Keeping an Eye Out

Keeping an Eye Out

“Likewise you can get a lot of very exciting new technology for a very low price if you check out sites like Kickstarter”

Finally, you also need to make sure you have your eye open at all times for new tech that isn’t that expensive. If you’re a big fan of computer games for instance, you’ll probably find that you can get some great gaming experiences completely free if you try downloading some indie games or playing ‘free to play’ games and resisting all the in-game purchases. Likewise you can get a lot of very exciting new technology for a very low price if you check out sites like Kickstarter – and better yet, these sites will allow you to be a part of the story and help that new technology to come into fruition. This way you can be a true early adopter and still afford the mortgages. Of course, finding cheaper home loans will help too…

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