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How to shred computer hard drives

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Computer hard drives contain vital information which belongs to customers. It might have information on intellectual property. The sensitive information should not be left on hard drives and it should be destroyed in an efficient manner. In order to eliminate the data completely, Shredding of Computer Hard Drives should be done by a professional agency. Shredding is offered through on-site as well as off-site service. When you go for on-site service, the data elimination will happen under the supervision of your staff. You will be 100% confident that the data is destructed and you will not be liable for any damages.

Best practices

In order to eliminate data from various kinds of storage devices including hard drives, solid state devices, pen drives, optical discs, data tapes, electronic payment devices, tablets, handheld devices, servers, network switches & routers, guidance systems, military electronics, communication systems and command & control, you should engage certified data destruction agency. There are efficient service providers that can destroy any item ranging from a single hard drive to the smallest part present in the helicopter. The components that are included are both data-bearing components and non-data bearing components.

Shredding of Computer Hard Drives will ensure that the parts will go through the recycling process as per the established standards.

Facilities offered by competent data destruction service providers

Data destruction service providers will offer versatile services. Through inventory cataloging services, all items that store information will be recorded. The destruction work will be carried out at your premises under the supervision of your staff. There will be detailed reporting on each and every item that is mentioned in the catalogue. You will get a certificate of destruction for each and every item that is destroyed by you. There will be a method statement which explains the process through which the data elimination was handled. There are very few secure data destruction companies in the UK. You should want to avail the services of the reputed destruction service provider that is approved by Ministry of Defense Equipment & Support Services (DE & S).

Why should you opt for shredding rather than wipeouts?

Shredding of Computer Hard Drives will ensure that the parts will go through the recycling process as per the established standards. There will not be environmental pollution. It is possible to reduce the risk of legal and financial disasters as data will be destructed completely. If you go for wiping out services through degaussing, there is a risk of data retrieval. Even though it is not very easy, a little percentage of risk is implied. On the other hand, when you go for data destruction through shredding services, the destruction process is complete. Recommended reading: How Do I Dispose of the Office Computers?

There will be absolute peace of mind as you will not let the sensitive information of customers, staff and various stakeholders into the wrong hands. You will prevent that your hard disks will no more become a data disposal liability. The confidential data destruction will destroy all confidential information from the roots. There will be a need to outsource data destruction service. However, it should be done under your vigilance so that there will be 100% satisfaction.

The data shredding methods will be upgraded on a frequent basis as per the evolution of technologies. It is required to destroy the data as per the provisions of the law. The equipment that is used for the shredding should be approved by CESG. You should engage a data destruction company which specializes in data destruction services. The crucial information that is present in various storage forms should be removed and annihilated completely so that it will not be retrieved anymore. Thus, by availing the professional destruction services, it is possible to make the most from your investment.

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