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Necessity Of Choosing Right Hosting Service Provider For Dn Migration

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Owing to a number of reasons, organization and individuals choose to migrate their domain names from one hosting service to the other. It might seem a daunting task to choose a hosting service, from the myriad of options available. Luring offers, claims of unlimited bandwidth often attracts webmasters to various hosting services. During the process of server migration, data is moved from one server to the new one. Data may be inaccessible during this process of migration. A number of activities need to be taken care, so that the process is smooth. Most essential is reformatting the data so that it can be accessed in the new server easily.

Parameters to consider

Most essential is reformatting the data so that it can be accessed in the new server easily.While shifting the domain name it is advisable to keep the existing hosting account active, until the full process has been completed. Few parameters that you need to consider while choosing a hosting service are

  • Operating system – You can stick to the OS that you are presently using.
  • Technical support – Look for the technical assistance provided by the service provider.
  • Disk space – It is essential for the new server to have ample disk space.
  • Data transfer – Make sure that the server accommodates data transfer.
  • Scripting language – Ensure that the server provides languages like PHP, Perl or your website will not work properly.
  • Database – Consider the software that is used for the database.
  • Scalability – It is advisable to choose a server that has provision of scaling up or down their services.
  • Use of cPane l- This helps to transfer data easy and has a number of advantages attached to it.

Change of domain name

It is also important to make sure that the domain is registered against your name. You need to have all the registration details up to date, if not so then you might end up in big trouble later. Prior to the migration, make sure that you have details in the inbox of your e-mail. With all the details in place, you can choose between transferring the domain name registrar or the migration of the DNS.

  • In the first one, the domain name remains the same but you will be supported by the new registrar.
  • For the second option, the DNS will only change and point the new server.

Follow the instruction

Often, the hosting services provide special offers, which includes free charges for the transfer of domain name, and discounted price for renewal of the life of the account. Reliable servers lays down the instruction, terms and policies in the welcome mail. There are also links that display the detailed instruction regarding the steps webmasters should follow to avail free migration services. The process of the transfer is simple. Professionals attached with the hosting services provide technical help in doing so.

Access FTP and databases

Make sure that you have access of File Transport Protocol and different databases in the new server. Once, you have accessed a domain name, make sure that you have control over the domain. After your account has been created in the new server and has received the access of the same, start uploading the files to a new server. If required, create a database and import data to it. Next step is to test the site in the new server, to be sure that it is working appropriately. A reputed hosting service gives an address to the new site, until the domain name is migrated. It takes twenty four to forty eight hours for this migration process.

If you are planning to switch the DNS, then do it when email traffic is low. You can keep your old server for a couple of weeks after the migration process. Once, you are sure that all data has been transferred, you can abandon the old server.

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