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Offercast Releases New Ad Network

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Android Application developers now have a new ad network at their disposal. This new product is an offering from Offercast Mobile.  Offercast Mobile has recently launched a product at Booth #13 in the Apps World North America, which is an event being held in San Francisco, CA. The object is to give the product an exposure amongst app developers, platform owners and developers, mobile operators, and others related to mobiles, marketing, internet service providers, and relevant software and hardware industry. People desirous of having a look at the product should note that Offercast Ad Network is, as of now in beta stage.

According to Androidtimes, Offercast Mobile, has recently released its beta challenging program, Offercast Ad Network for app developers of Android.

Offer for First 100 Developers

Offercast Mobile has a very attractive offer accompanying the launch of this beta product. The first 100 developers of applications who would be purchasing the product would be entitled to 100 percent of the revenues generated subject to a maximum of $1000. In addition, they would be eligible for payouts that would be higher under a promotion initiative called “Grand Slam”.

About Offercast Mobile’s Ad Networking Tools

The Ads Networking product offered by Offercast Mobile is compatible with operating system of Android mobiles. Such networking allows application developers to earn revenues through advertisements. For facilitating this, Offercast has some native monetization tools incorporated in its networking tool. This includes a Software Development Kit. This SDK makes it easier for app developer to include the advertisement, without compromising on the main objective of the application. The SDK not only blends the advertisement easily with the application, it also continues to optimize the effectiveness of such advertisements by adjusting according to the app and its usage.

Even application users stand to gain because the networking tool improves the performance of the applications. The new Ad Network from Offercast Mobile offers several new features when compared to its previous products available in the market. Therefore, this is going to be a new generation product and pioneer of sorts.

Features of the New Ad Network from Offercast Mobile

The new features in the beta Offercast Ad Network include-

a.    An App Wall– This is for the end user. It enables the mobile phone users to peruse the list of popular applications available to them. In a way, it benefits the app developers as well since the list can include their application and improve the chances of their application being used by the mobile user.

b.    Banners – Application developers can use the banners feature of this networking tool for advertising and earning money.

c.    Native Ads– Offercast Mobile’s new ad network includes some native ads. These ads are designed in such a way that they can easily and unobtrusively be integrated into different types of Android based applications. Therefore, application developer does not have to do any tweaking with the application for accommodating such advertisements.

d.    Interstitials– This beta ad networking tool also has provision for full page advertisements. Mobile application developers can use this feature of the tool at the start of their application. Other alternatives of inserting such full page ads include at the end of the app or somewhere in between.

Reports and Analysis

Offercast Mobile’s this beta Ad Networking solution can also generate reports that crunch numbers and analyze the effectiveness of different advertisements in the network. Such analysis also provides information about which form of advertising is more effective and revenue the developer is eligible for.


The company plans to come up with more products with such new features, by optimally using searching tools and other in-house tools.

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