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Superb RPG action for your Android mobile device

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As we all know, Smartphones have taken over the phone industry and most of them run on the Android operating system. RPG games are not very popular amongst smartphone users because they take quite a bit of time to finish and if you don’t play the game on a regular basis, chances are you will forget the story and the whole point of playing the game will be a blur. So if you’re someone with a bit of time to spare every day, these superb RPGs for your Android device will blow you away.

Chrono Trigger

Developed by Square Enix, Chrono Trigger is about travelling between many time periods in the hopes of saving your planet; one of the most eye catching things about time travelling in this game is seeing how the world changes at different time periods. Chrono Trigger is a great choice for any RPG lover with an android device, so it’s certainly worth a try.

Symphony of the Origin

“Symphony of the Origin” is a game by ”Kemco Games” – a company which isn’t exactly a competitive threat to “Square Enix” but this game in particular was designed for an Android device from scratch, so it feels a lot more refined than “Chrono Trigger”. The basic storyline is pretty similar to a lot of other games, yet this one in particular stands out because of the way it is delivered.

The game is about an apprentice swordsman who vows revenge against the antagonists that killed his parents. And like many other games, our hero also has a female love interest. The only problem with the game is that it’s pretty short and people often complain that it’s too expensive for a game of this length. If you have some spare change lying around, then you should definitely consider buying this addictive game.

Ravensword: Shadowlands

Ravensword: Shadowlands” is a game by “Crescent Moon Games”. It’s pretty much a 3D console-like game and I must say it sure is fun to play. It’s a very graphical game – especially for a mobile device such as an android phone. The primary objective in this game is to collect three Ravenstones which will allow you to enter the Shadowlands and kill the demon before he destroys the world.

The lore is very interesting to research, but I cannot say the same for the combat system, which is kind of dull. If you’re into open world RPG games then this is the game for you – regardless of the combat mechanics because the whole point of an RPG is to enjoy the story.

9th Dawn

“9th Dawn”, a game by “Valorware”, is a 2D game which in terms of core components is pretty similar to that of “Ravensword: Shadowlands”. You can pick your own class and explore an enormous open world in both titles. It scores an impressive 4.6 on the Android Market and if you give it a shot then you will quickly find out why. Unlike a lot of RPG games, this one is skill shot based. What this means is that the ability to land a hit is completely dependent on the skill of the player – whether it’s an arrow from an archer’s quiver or a blast from a mage’s wand. The primitive interface does at times spoil some of the fun, but overall this is one of the best old school RPG games you will ever find on an Android device.

“Final Fantasy IV”, another game by “Square Enix”, is undisputedly the best RPG experience I‘ve ever had on an android device.

Final Fantasy IV

“Final Fantasy IV”, another game by “Square Enix”, is undisputedly the best RPG experience I‘ve ever had on an Android device. Like many other RPG titles, it’s a story of good versus evil, random side-quests, magical artifacts and getting other heroes to join your cause against a mighty antagonist. However, there is more to the story than just that. The turn based combat system may be old school, but it’s nothing short of being addictive, although some fights may get repetitive.

Overall, the game is just as good as it was back when it was first released by Nintendo, but the only difference is, now we can take it with us wherever we go and play it whenever we want. If you are an RPG lover then stop wasting your time reading this and head over to the Play store to download the game.

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About - He is an avid gamer and tech writer who loves to share his knowledge about latest video games and mobile games.