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Top 3 Collage Maker Apps for iPhone

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Are you currently looking for a way to combine all your beautiful pictures in one stunning photo? Well, you can definitely do it with style, as there are a number of useful photo collage apps for iPad and iPhone. These apps allow you to draw on several image effects and photo frames to make photo collages quickly and effectively. Here you go with top-3 useful photo collage apps that you may want to try on your iPad or iPhone.

Pic Collage

In case you’re looking for an app that you could use on both iPhone and iPad, you should put your money on Pic Collage. This powerful photo collage app is free and allows you to create beautiful photo collages instantly from your iPad and iPhone. It offers a range of useful features that make collage making a lot easier – there are so many collage themes, cutouts, filters, text effects, borders, stickers, and much more.

The availability of stunning backgrounds, filters, and stickers in this free app makes it a lot more popular as compared to many other apps available for these devices. Several editing options are also available in this app. You can resize and rotate images with simple touch gestures or flick to delete. Simply double-tap a photo to start editing it with Aviary photo effects – this allows you to clip photo, flip it, or adjust its borders. For easy clipping, you can simply outline the area you want clipped with your finger.

Pic Collage is a photo collage maker for iOS

Once you have finished the project, the app allows you to share your photo collages on your Facebook account with simple finger gestures. You can even share it to Twitter, PicCollage, Instagram and Path – you may also consider sending it via email or getting a printout to send as a physical postcard.

Photo Wall Pro

It is arguably the best photo collage-making app available out there for your iPhone. It comes with so many interesting features that help you to create stylish photo collages quickly from your smartphone. Just by playing with some of these features, you can quickly spice up your greeting cards, old photos, screen savers, and other image files. It comes with loads of photo editing options as well that you can use to add zing to your beautiful memories.

Adding your favorite photos to the canvas is a breeze – you can handle it all using simple finger gestures or with the slider controls. Once you have added your photos, you can edit them to suit your needs. Simple gestures will help you to crop and retouch all your photos – you can use ‘Auto Enhance’ feature to adjust automatically the exposure, saturation, contrast, and temperature, or do it manually to create timeless photo effects.

Photo Wall Pro is a photo collage maker for iOS

Several personalization options are also available. You can play with background, borders, opacity, and what not – you can pick backgrounds and clipart from its built-in library. You can also use the option to drop shadow to produce that wow effect that will make your photo collage a lot more impressive.

After you have finished your project, the app allows you to share it with friends over Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa etc. with utmost ease – you can even send it through email or get printouts. Overall, this outstanding app allows for multi project management, is extremely powerful, offers a variety of options for easy personalization, and is very simple to use. Try Photo Wall for iPhone to save, savor, and share your beautiful memories.

Instacollage Pro

It is one of the most downloaded apps for making photo collages using your iPad or iPhone. You can personalize your photos using stunning frames and create unique collages with captions quickly and effectively. Using this app is a simple way of combining multiple sized photos into one brilliantly framed picture.

Instacollage Pro is a photo collage maker for iOS

It offers some highly useful features – there are over 30 amazing layouts for your collages with over 54 adjustable regular layouts. The availability of our 43 borders for your images makes it possible to find exactly what you have in your mind. To enhance the aesthetic appeal, you can choose from 18 amazing photo effects. With Instacollage Pro, captioning your collage is a piece of cake. You can use text stickers in 79 creative fonts – it is possible to make it look perfect by changing text size, color, background, and font.

The interesting thing is that once you have completed the masterpiece, you can share it with all your friends by uploading it to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, or Instagram. It is equally simple to send it via email – you may even save it to Camera Roll album to share later.

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