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5 File Management apps for Android phones

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This article is full of tips, help and advice to help you manage your Android phone files, and the tips come in the form of usable apps that are currently popular. Each of the apps may be downloaded and used right away, and each have their own qualities that make them stand out from the others on the market. This list is in no particular order because they are all too different to rank.

 1 – ES File Explorer

This is a very popular app with over 460,000 five star ratings on Google Play. It works with most versions of the Android and has a very good looking (albeit plain) user interface. It is a full featured app manager, file manager and task killer. You may gain access to your files on both your phone and on your computer. It has functions to help you share and text viewers and editors you can use.

ES File Explorer File Manager - android apps

You can use the cache cleaner and the auto-start manager too. It helps you sort out your phone and your files so that they are easier to categorize and you can see thumbnails of your images to that you may arrange them in a visual manner.

2 – File expert with clouds

They market it as a tool for managing files on your phone, tablet, your PC and your cloud server, so it is mildly impressive just for that. The interface is pretty intuitive though it deserves a gentle criticism for being uninspired. It helps you find and target files quickly and helps transfer files to other devices using the Internet or Bluetooth.

File Expert with Clouds - android apps

The interface is uninspired but easy to learn and most people will figure out the basics of how to use it without having to look at any instructions. It has over 49,000 five star reviews so one can hardly say it is of poor quality. It has two versions for the phone and for a tablet device where the tablet version has a slightly better picture quality.

3 – Astro File Manager with Cloud

This app has a sleek design whilst maintaining its simplicity. It has 290,000 five star reviews on the Google Play website. It will work for your PC, MAC, phone, tablet and for your cloud service if you use: Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Facebook or SkyDrive. It has features that a built for today’s phones such as fancy swipe features and it allows you to download and organize files. It allows you to set your location and more importantly it has tools to help you arrange and organize your files.

ASTRO File Manager with Cloud - android apps

It has a nice indexing feature which you can use to find your files again later. The app is fast and this is helped by the indexing system it uses. They say they did it because people have massive cloud services with hundreds of thousands of files and their app is suitable for them.

4 – Android File Manager

It comes with the expected functions such as allowing you to move, delete, copy, etc. It also allows you to create your own folders, run settings, cameras, galleries and your music manager. There are real-time process monitors such as the CPU information and it tells you stuff that is surly too tough for them to know such as the battery temperature.

Android File Manager - android apps

It also tells you how much storage space you still have left, how much external storage, and your RAM details. There are lots of settings to play with such as your language, date, Bluetooth, file managers, etc. There is a home screen widget you can set so you can see some stats on your home page, and there are plugins to allow you to view different files within the app itself such as letting you see HTML files or image files. It is currently a very highly rated app both on the net and on Google Play.

5 – Root Explorer

Root Explorer - android apps

This is a very popular file management app, though if your phone has to be rooted first is not very clear (it seems that way). The point of the app is to allow you to manage files on a slightly more fundamental level to the point of being able to do things that the normally functioning Android operating system would not allow you to do. Once you get the app going you will find it has a lot of functions that are listed using symbols to help you pick the one you want.

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