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Be Prepared: 5 Tips to Surviving the Next Wave of Tech Extinction

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Technology extinction is a term used to refer to the idea that many technologies are not only becoming obsolete, but they’ll soon become unusable. Farhad Manjoo takes a deeper look into how you can survive the next wave of tech extinction on The New York Times’s website. Want in on some of these tips and more? Continue reading to learn how you can survive the next tech extinction.

Purchase Top-of-the-Line Devices

Manjoo suggests that one of the best ways to avoid being hit hard by the next extinction is to purchase Apple’s hardware. This is because Apple products offer a pleasurable user-experience and are compatible with more apps than most competitors.

The bottom line is that you should choose hardware that can run the widest range of software and is from a company with a good track record. Don’t choose a device that’s going to fall by the wayside before you know it.

Technology extinction is a term used to refer to the idea that many technologies are not only becoming obsolete, but they'll soon become unusable.

Use Reliable Services

Along with devices that are going obsolete, countless services are on the brink of extinction, too. If you put your trust in a company that can’t promise ongoing and reliable services, either because they’re new or they just can’t compete in the market, you risk losing your data and suffering a tough transition process once the service fails.

For instance, if you’re interested in using a check cashing app that will deliver money straight to your prepaid card, don’t choose a company you’ve never heard of before. Instead, opt for using a credible company with a great track record. When connected to a WiFi hotspot with the app, you can deposit checks straight onto your prepaid Visa card. You’ll also be able to make payments, pay bills, and access ATMs.

Manjoo also suggests going with Google services, such as email, maps, and Chrome. He gives several reasons why this is beneficial:

  1. Google manages their data effectively.
  2. It’s reliable, where services rarely go down and the data is accurate.
  3. It’s secure.
  4. You can transfer your data if you’re ever unhappy with the services.

If you use services like these from reliable companies that have been around a long time, you can be sure the next wave of tech extinction won’t hit you since these services are least likely to become obsolete.

Buy Media You Can Use Across Devices

Another issue with tech extinction is that if you use services that are only available on one device, you lose those services if the device becomes obsolete. For instance, if you purchase your books through the Nook bookstore, you risk losing your entire library as Nook devices head for extinction, which–sorry to say it–may be a reality in the near future.

Instead, you should purchase media, such as books, movies, etc., that you can use across devices, such as from Amazon Kindle. That way, even if your smart phone or tablet brand stops producing devices, you can still download the Kindle app on new devices, including Android and Apple products.

Use Cloud Storage Providers

Just like you want to purchase media that you can use across devices, you should also store data that you can access from anywhere. When you store your data on cloud service apps, such as Dropbox or Evernote, you’ll be able to access the files from brand new devices as they come out.

Consolidate Your Devices

As we move toward a more electronic world, more products are becoming obsolete. Jump on the electronic bandwagon early by consolidating your devices. For instance, car keys and digital cameras are on the brink of extinction since many people are now using their Smartphones to start their cars, unlock their front doors, and take pictures and video. Before these products completely leave the market, make sure you have the capabilities to replace them on your new devices.

With technology advancing so fast, it makes sense that certain products are leaving the market since they simply can’t compete. Using these tips, however, can help you survive the next inevitable wave of tech extinction.

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