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Candy Crush Saga

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One of the most played games in the world is the puzzle game Candy Crush, the combination of easy to understand gameplay with ever increasing difficulty has proved a winning combination, with over 500 million downloads of the game worldwide.

What is it?

The game itself couldn’t be simpler, the idea is to match up sets of three of a kind of the various sweets presented in the attractive, brash and bright graphics by moving the rows and columns. The challenge in the game is the limited moves for each level, limited lives to try and complete a level, and an almost endless number of levels. The need to complete just one more level is where it succeeds, creating an almost addictive need to advance that keeps players interested.

Progression through the levels sees the addition of obstacles and other extra difficulties.

The game has a core mechanic of rationed lives and this is where frustration can sometimes set in, waiting for enough time to pass for the next set of lives to be given is a candy crush ritual for dedicated players, checking the countdown regularly becomes part of daily routine.

Game for mobile: Candy Crush Saga 1

This is where products like Astuce Candy Crush step in, the ability to circumvent timers and add extra functionality to make the game that bit less frustrating and that bit more enjoyable.

Crush without the wait

There are some who enjoy the restriction imposed on lives within the game, the wait for the next attempt is part of the fun, but for many people, it is simply a frustrating experience, and it is for those game players that products to alter the timers and other aspects of gameplay were created.

The main use for most players is, as outlined, unlimited lives, playing the game whenever wanted without restriction is the only thing they would like to change, and of course, with the right product that is simple to accomplish, but there are many other ways to change gameplay to suit the needs of each person that are perhaps not so obvious.

There is the opportunity to alter the number of moves allowed for any level in the game, reducing the difficulty of even the toughest parts of the game to something a bit more manageable if required, this, of course, will not be desired by everyone, but the great thing about Astuce is the ability to just use the parts that are of interest, leaving the rest of the game just as it always has been. Another change that can be made is to unlock all the in-game objects whatever level you are on.

Game for mobile: Candy Crush Saga 2

Further ways to alter gameplay include the ability to get higher scores and skip levels entirely if one wishes, indeed, there is an option included to start the game at whatever level the player desires.

Is it for you?

The question of whether this type of manipulation increases the enjoyment of the game is one for each individual to answer, but for players who seek a less frustrating experience and the ability to adjust the game to suit their needs better, Astuce Candy Crush is a very good option to have.

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