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Getting rid of your old CDs

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It’s really fascinating how quickly our society advances from one method of music listening to the next. We have watched the audio listening devices switch from the phonograph and gramophone to the days of 8 tracks, followed by the quick succession of audio cassettes, CDs, and now the current digital files. There simply is no longer a need for all of the different mediums that have been used to listen to music over the years.  In fact, they are being phased out. Vehicles used to come equipped with a cassette player, and even when CD players were first integrated, the vehicle manufacturers still included a tape cassette player as well.  Now finding a vehicle with a cassette player is like finding someone who still purchases VHS tapes. So we all have a backed up, extensive CD collection. But the truth of the matter is that now the CD is what is starting to become obsolete.

Why should I switch from my CDs to digital music files?

Digital files have become so popular that there are certain bands who choose to come out with digital music only. They don’t use the money to put their music on CD. If you think about it, music stores are becoming less and less common because people are more into downloading music onto handheld devices, tablets, and computers than they are into walking into a store and paying money for an entire CD. I think everyone has been through the experience of spending money on a CD only to discover that the only song you really like is the one you heard on the radio. You also have so much space that you have to make for CDs and it can be dangerous switching them out when you are driving. For this reason, you can start transferring your music over to digital files. 

Take the time to put the music from your CD onto a computer, then get rid of the CDs

What can I do with my old CDs?

  • Throw them away

If you keep CDs anywhere other than their original case, there is a large chance that they are heavily scratched. If they are scratched to the point where they don’t play well, you may want to consider throwing them away. This also goes for if you have discs but do not have a case to put them in.

  • Keep them in a scrapbook

Some people are sentimental about certain CDs and the songs that are on them. If you have some that are important to you, keep those in a place where you keep other memorabilia and get rid of the ones that don’t mean anything to you.

  • Make art

You can find a lot of really neat art projects online that you can do with old CDs, so if you can’t sell them because they are in bad condition but still want to do something unique with them, you can make art from them.

  • Sell them

One of the smartest ways to get rid of all of your old CDs is to sell them back on a website such as decluttr.  You can put in the title of your CD and they will give you an estimated price of what you can earn by selling your CD online. 

It’s easy to see that the way we listen to music changes very rapidly, and the transition from CD to digital audio is upon us. Before you know it cars will no longer feature CD players and all of those CDs will be laying around your house for you to deal with.  Take the time to put the music from your CD onto a computer, then get rid of the CDs. Whether you decide to sell them online somewhere like decluttr or throw them away, you will be glad you made the decision to do it.

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