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How to determine good headphones from the bad?

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The most important aspect of headphones is clear sound. Quality headphones tend to deliver full sound that remains balanced across all parameters – bass, treble and mid-range frequencies. The lower end headphones struggle with bass sounds, but the well-made, over-the-ear products perform admirably, delivering deep and rich sounds.

Most headphones in the market possess either closed or open back ear-cups. The latter ones produce more natural and live noises compared to the former variety, but they have a habit of leaking greater amount of sounds. In comparison, closed headphones are perfect if you want to prevent leakage of sound and cancel out external, unwanted noises but the voice quality can be a bit muffled at times. You will never understand whether a pair of headphones is perfect for you or not unless you test them out. Good electronics retailers always keep demo units handy for discerning customers, but for reasons of personal hygiene, the trial products are restricted to the on-ear and over-ear models.

Quality headphones tend to deliver full sound that remains balanced across all parameters – bass, treble and mid-range frequencies.

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You should pick headphones you feel comfortable wearing. Irrespective of whether you will use them occasionally or regularly, headphones must always have a good fit. Most of the in-ear headphones provide a good deal of comfort, but if you plan to use them for extended periods, it is best to choose over- and on-ear headphone sets.

Effectiveness of noise-cancelling/sound-isolating headphones

Immersing yourself in music is a good thing, but not if you’re out on the streets! You not only put yourself in danger and annoy others, but may cause permanent damage to your hearing. The ideal solution is to buy a sound-isolating or noise-cancelling headphones which enable you to experience great sound at lower volumes.  Sound-isolating headphones are perfect for commuting since they fit comfortably over your ear and deliver improved sound quality than noise-cancelling products by removing ambient noise. However, the noise-cancelling varieties are more effective during train journeys and flights. Most headphone brands use basic AAA batteries, but others feature a rechargeable battery.

Wireless Headphones: worth it or not?

Wireless headphones are rising in popularity since they allow you to listen to your songs without being tethered directly to the source device. Wireless headphones are your best friends while jogging, working out, cooking, cleaning – basically, any activity where the wire can get in the way.  Most wireless brands of headphones in the market utilize one of three different technologies – radio, Bluetooth and infrared.

Radio is your best bet if you want to hear your favourite tunes while you walk around your garden or house since the product emits an FM radio signal. You get access to two or more frequencies that allow you to tune in without worrying about interference from other gadgets.

Bluetooth headphones use a digital radio signal across a short range for the purpose of transmitting sound.  Their range is equal to infrareds’ but no line of sight is necessary. This feature lets you move from one room to another without worrying while you listen to music at home.

Compatibility with Mobile Phones

If you are planning to use your headphones with your cell, make sure you buy ones that come with a built-in microphone which gives you the freedom to attend calls without taking the ear piece off. You can switch seamlessly between listening to music and hands-free telephone calls with such headphones.

Ideal Cost

The price of good headphones starts from as little as $5 and goes above $250. However, this does not indicate that the quality of the headphones depends upon the price. If your budget can afford headphones worth $50, you will notice the fantastic sound quality of the headphones.

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