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5 Cooking Apps You’ll Need If You Love Spending Time In The Kitchen

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A lot more people are interested in cooking these days and part of the reason is because we have much more access to great information that lets us cook delicious meals. How do you do your research at the moment when you’re trying to find out information about certain foods? Do you have lots of recipe books stacked up in your kitchen? Thanks to apps you now have access to everything on your mobile phone and we’re going to look at some of them that will come in handy for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchen. Recommended reading: Top 25 Smartphone Apps for Family Nutrition.


You’re going to find this app strange if you’ve already tested out lots of other ones because you won’t find any recipes inside. The magic inside the app is its ability to help you understand recipes as they can sometimes be really confusing. You will learn about different substitutes you can use so you’re not left scratching your head. How many slices of a certain piece of food will fit into one cup? Open it up whenever you’re confused about something and your problem will be solved.


Thanks to apps you now have access to everything on your mobile phone and we're going to look at some of them that will come in handy for anyone who loves spending time in the kitchenIf you’re in love with cooking there is a good chance you don’t even follow normal recipes any more. Over the years you’ve probably come up with some amazing creations and Cook will give you the platform you need to share your recipes with the world. You can even tell your story about how you came up with them in the first place. Everyone else will be able to do the exact same, which means if you’re looking for a little inspiration you can see what everyone else has created.

How To Cook Everything

This app doesn’t actually tell you how to cook every single thing in the world and it only gets its name because of the recipe book it’s named after, but there are still thousands of recipes inside and there are hundreds of illustrations you can follow along with instead of just reading words. There is also a lot of extra stuff including instructions on how to use lots of different cooking equipment, plus you’ll find a few useful tools such as a timer.


These days you’ll want to know more about what is inside your food because we’re all trying to stay as healthy as possible. There are nutritional labels on some things you buy, but even those might not give you all the details you need to know. If you want to find out what you’re actually putting into your mouth you can use the Foodle app. It can tell you how much sugar is in every fruit and it will even tell you the vitamin and mineral contents of everything you’re eating.


What would you do if you couldn’t cook something because you were waiting for the refrigerator repair man to come and you didn’t have any access to fresh food? Instead of deciding to go away and cook something else you could fire up Substitutions to see if you can still stick with your original recipe using food stored inside your kitchen cabinets. You always need to have a way to figure out alternatives unless you want to drive to the store or cook something else all the time.

Everything will change

Once you start using these apps you’ll find it much easier to cook tastier food and it will also be a lot healthier for you too. If you’re set in your old ways you might not care about any of the features inside the apps we’ve talked about today, but I think a huge percentage of the population will find them extremely useful.

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