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8 Things About Windows 8.1 Tablets That Can Make iPad Users Envious

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The global tablet market continues to boom. From working professionals to children, virtually everyone can get things done more quickly from these mobile devices. To meet this demand, multiple device manufacturers have dabbled in delivering tablets that suit our requirements. Microsoft is the powerhouse in the traditional PC market and it vigorously pushes innovations into the competitive tablet space. The software giant understands that it needs to compete with Apple and Microsoft has offered us a few things not available for iPad users:

Windows 8.1 - 8 Things About Windows 8.1 Tablets That Can Make iPad Users Envious

  1. Multiple selections of budget models: From the compact 8-inch to huge 13-inch; from Samsung to Dell, there are vast options for people who consider tablets with Windows 8.1 operating system. As multiple models are competing for our attention, many of them are available at truly competitive process. There is obviously one clear reason why we need a budget Windows 8.1 tablet, the money we save can be allocated to get an accessory or additional gadget.
  2. Business-friendly environment: Thanks to the versatile Microsoft Office, tablets with Windows 8.1 OS ride high on the productivity factor. The iPad and Android tablets still lag behind in this area. Windows 8.1 has native support to popular software in the business environment, Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. Tablets with this platform not only could view documents, but also creating new ones and editing them. With reasonable hardware configurations under the hood, users won’t need to worry about lags when running productivity tools. Most Windows 8.1 tablets also sports long battery life; this really make them efficient, robust and reliable for heavy-duty office work.
  3. Maximum engagement with traditional PC software: If the good old Microsoft Office suite isn’t enough, users could still run standard PC programs in the market. This can make the whole experience exciting, while making them stay productive.
  4. Better ports connectivity: By supporting connectivity to multiple devices, Windows 8.1 tablets have taken the functionality factor a notch higher in the mobile space. It is possible to connect Windows 8.1 tablets with standard printer, mouse, keyboard, scanner, smartphones, other tablets, USB flash drive and other USB-capable devices.
  5. Customizable Live Tiles: Windows 8.1 allows tablet users to get much more fun and heightened mobile computing experience with the Live Tiles interface. It is built for ease of use and looks superior compared to other mobile platforms. For personalized experience and quicker access, there’s the familiar Start Screen to quickly reach different parts of the operating system.
  6. Models with hybrid designs: Tablets with hybrid design could connect to detachable keyboards or docks; giving them a sleek laptop-like experience. As Windows 8.1 tablets could quickly double up as lightweight laptops, they are more suitable for serious productivity tasks. As an example, high-speed typing won’t be convenient on touchscreen display.
  7. Real multitasking: Needless to say, Windows OS offers true multitasking capability and it is possible to get a few things done at the same time. With this capability, we could get the most of our tablet.
  8. Comprehensive entertainment: Even the most power-packed tablets would be very dull, if they are just all work and no play. Some Windows 8.1 tablets come with impressive specs under the hood, which offers smooth gaming and multimedia experience. Not only we can choose entertainment-centric apps in Windows Store, it is also possible to run standard PC games on these tablets, which are playable when we attach physical keyboard and mouse.

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