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Automatically Turn Android Screen On And Off With Gravity Screen App

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Gravity Screen is a free Android App available in the Play Store. It automatically shuts down the screen of your smartphone when it is placed on the table or inside the pocket. Opposite is also possible;the screen automatically turns on when the phone is taken out of the pocket or picked up from the table.

With this app installed on your phone, there remains no need of touching the power button of the phone. It is very useful for people whose power button of the phone is situated in some awkward locations, eg – Under screen cover.

Automatically Turn Android Screen On And Off With Gravity Screen App 1

Gravity Screen Features:

  • Turns on the display by detecting motion.
  • Turns on and off the display by proximity sensors.
  • It recognizes if your phone is inside or outside the pocket.
  • It even detects if the phone is on the table and accordingly turns off the display.
  • Keeps the device on till motion is detected.

Playing around with Gravity Screen:

Gravity screen tries its best to robotize the process of screen start and shutdown with the help of different sensors. It can calculate the position of device can act accordingly.

Different sensors used in Gravity Screen:

Lets discuss about all the sensors and ways used by this app to automate the screen on and off process.

Pocket and Table Sensor:

Gravity screen detects if the phone is in your pocket. This task is done by some special algorithms programmed in the app.

When the phone is in your pocket, it attains a certain lean angle, which is detected and if your phone remain in the same angle for some time, the app concludes that the phone is inside the pocket and shuts down the screen. It can be changed as per the users need.

In table sensing, the horizontal level of the phone is taken into consideration and if phone remains steady in same position for sometime, the app considers it to be on the table and shuts down screen.

Proximity Sensor:

Gravity Screen also considers proximity sensor as one of its functions. This way the app gets ability to control screen based on proximity sensors. It means the screen can be turned on by a swipe over proximity sensor.

Automatically Turn Android Screen On And Off With Gravity Screen App 2

Motion Sensor:

Whenever motion is detected on the phone the screen is turned on and as soon as no motion is detected, the screen is turned off.

It means just pick up your device and screen will turn on and put it somewhere and the screen will turn off. Timeout and sensitivity can also be adjusted by user.

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