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Best sports games for your Android device

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If you’re a sports fan and an Android user, you are in luck, because there are more high-quality sports games for Android than ever before. Whatever your sport, from baseball to golf, you will find a game for you as the gameplay is more sophisticated and satisfying than ever. If you are wondering where to start, here is a list of some of the best sports games for your Android device.

If you are wondering where to start, here is a list of some of the best sports games for your Android device.

NBA 2K13

This pro basketball game lets you take control of your own basketball team, as the head of your favorite NBA team. The game features simulated play, with players in full command of their 5-player team. There’s a solid soundtrack created by Jay-Z, so that’s definitely an added bonus to the game you’ll enjoy. You can play the game in different modes. Quick match lets you enjoy a session of rapid free-form play. For a longer campaign with more in-depth strategy, you can opt for Multi-season mode that lets you manage your team over a longer run. There is also a greatest games mode that lets you recreate famous games from the past $2.99.

Virtua Tennis Challenge 

Virtua Tennis Challenge from Sega allows players to choose from over 50 fictional players. Get ready to become an expert tennis player and put your skills to the ultimate test. As a player, you are allowed to select from a gesture-centric, custom control interface and a more classic virtual gamepad. The greatest challenge of this sports game is the SPT World Tour, where you’ll have a chance to advance in the game and get to the top.

9 Innings 2013 Pro Baseball

This baseball game from Com2uS lets you choose your favorite MLB team, complete with its full roster from 2013. The team and your players are actually mapped out to fit their real stats and performance. The game play is an intriguing mix of arcade game, simulation, and fantasy baseball. You have many options for how to play the game. You can play full games, or only play offense, or just defense. There is also a trading card system that lets you get players from other teams, or upgraded players, so you can create your own custom line-up. Free.

Madden NFL 25

Football fans have enjoyed Madden football for years, and this release (licensed by both the NFL and the NFLPA) is no exception. The game lets players select and execute plays, and then plays them out with excellent 3D graphics. The game can give you suggestions and assistance, especially helpful for new players. You can upgrade your game if you want to unlock higher level players, or get the expanded playbooks. Free.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12

Gamers who love golf will find that this game does a realistic job of portraying the game. Players get a selection of famous golfers, and can choose to play as their favorite, whether that is Tiger Woods or Natalie Gubis. You then play through some of the most famous golf courses in the world, including TPC Sawgrass, and the beautiful course at Pebble Beach. The graphics are not the most sophisticated, but if you want a realistic golf experience, this is the best $2.99.


Soccer aficionados should check out the new FIFA 14 game, the latest from EA Sports.  Players take charge of their favorite team, and can then play against other online players, or against the game itself. There are games of the week that give you new challenges every seven days. You can also choose the Ultimate team option, where you slowly improve the players on your team as you complete short matches. Free.

The article is being authored by a lifelong gamer and technical writer Christopher Austin. He also plays online games at various sites but his all time favorite is Truck Games 365 which offers a number of truck games to play. 

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