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Can You Run Your Life Through Mobile Apps?

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Smartphones these days are incredibly powerful and are capable of doing a vast number of impressive things. All these functions make life much easier for us, as the vast majority of jobs we need to do we can do by simply pulling our phone out of our pockets and loading the correct app.

In short this almost does away with the need to go anywhere or do anything. What’s the point in going out when you have so much entertainment and so many services available right on your phone?

But could you really do everything from your phone? If you had to, could you stay indoors and live life through your mobile? Let’s take a look at just how possible that would be…


Well you certainly wouldn’t be bored. Mobile phones have access to a huge range of media and entertainment which includes films and TV shows as well as books, comics, magazines and more. With a Netflix account you can watch a large number of films that only just came out at the cinema, but even without one you’ll be able to watch a fair amount of TV simply through YouTube.

Then there are games like Deus Ex: The Fall. This really demonstrates just what’s capable on a mobile device and how games on these platforms can really live up to the high standards of home gaming devices. Download the Marvel App and read a ton of comics, or use Kindle and enjoy pretty much any book you could want available in seconds. That’s not to mention all the music, magazines or the web itself that are accessible through your phone.


Let’s say you also don’t have access to your computer for whatever reason. Could you really carry out your job through your phone without leaving the house?

Well the news that Microsoft has recently unveiled Microsoft Office for Android and iOS already suggests that this would be possible to a degree. Then on top of that you have the floating apps available on Android that let you multitask as you would do on a PC and you have many of the other apps you might normally work with on a PC such as WordPress, a light version of PhotoShop and various office replacements. You can save everything on the cloud using DropBox, Google Drive or Skydrive and then your colleagues could access those files at the office.

Dropbox for smartphone


Communication is an important part of work and of life in general but fortunately there are a vast number of useful communication features on modern smartphones (this is a phone after all – and those are still primarily communication devices).

Phoning your colleagues is one option, whereas apps like WhatsApp allow you to message and send pictures without incurring any charges (even from abroad). Meanwhile though most phones now have a built in video-conferencing option like Face Time/Skype and that means you can discuss difficult topics with your colleagues face-to-face or you can speak to your friends and family as though they were there in the room with you.


So you can work, play and communicate through your mobile phone. That’s not going to quite keep you alive though, as you still need to eat, clean your home and shop for clothes.

Then again though there are countless shopping apps available on iOS or Android and there’s no reason that you can’t do your food shop or buy new clothes and gadgets using the apps that many online and real-world stores have. These will be delivered right to your door, so again there’s no need to leave the house.

Can your phone tidy the house for you? Not quite, but demoes that Samsung had at CES 2014 showed how they’re hoping to make that possibly by linking your home appliances to your devices. That would mean you could start your washing machine going by simply telling it to through your smartphone.

Of course all this is just a little fun, harmless speculation. But while most of us wouldn’t want to live our lives through our phones, these sorts of features are life-changing for people who are disabled and struggle to get around. Just as a barrier free showers allow the disabled to wash normally, so do a number of apps allow them to communicate with friends across the world, to buy their favourite foods and maybe one day to run their homes.

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Nancy Baker, is a freelance blogger, who often writes for GFM, leading providers of walk in showers. She likes to practice yoga to stay healthy and fit. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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