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Change the way Start Button looks in Windows 8.1

Posted In Windows - By Raja Kumar on Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 With No Comments »

When Windows 8 was released, one of the most important changes made in it was the non availability of start button and addition of start screen. The new start screen looked very pretty but many users complained about missing start button and hence this issue was addressed by Microsoft with the launch of windows 8.1. The preview version of Windows 8.1 was released last june, it had start button and this feature continues to be available till the launch of Windows 8.1 RTM.

But still there is something missing that is lack of options to customize the start button since there is no user interface available to change it. An alternate option is available for the users who want to change the start button. The freeware tool Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer lets users to change the start button in Windows 8.1 easily.

Change the way Start Button looks in Windows 8.1 1

This app is very easy to use and small in size. Just double click on the app and click the change button, Select the new image which you want to use as new start button. Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer will automatically resize the image and replace the start button.

Change the way Start Button looks in Windows 8.1 2

Right click on the change button opens up an context menu with options to completely change or mask the the start button. Default image can be restored anytime via restore button.

Download Windows 8.1 Start Button Changer

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