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Consumer Laptops vs. Pro Laptops

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When it comes time to buy a laptop computer, the first thing you have to ask yourself is what type should you get? There are a wide range of models to choose from and choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task to any consumer. The key is to narrow down your choices by examining what you need and what you expect from your new system. The most important choice you will have to decide uponis what type of machine you are looking for: consumer or pro?

A consumer laptop is your typical machine designed to be used around the home. These types of machine are often used for daily activities, which might include reading and writing e-mails, surfing the internet, watching a DVD/Blu-ray movie or streaming service, or playing a video game. These types of laptops are generally not designed to withstand the rigors of daily trips and road travel. Most of them are built using the latest and greatest components, including a fast CPU, lots of RAM, from 3GB up to 8MB of DDR3, a huge disc drive starting from 500GB all the way to 1TB of space, and a powerful video card to get the most out of your machine. They fit any type of work environment, and are quite versatile in what they can be used for.

The most important choice you will have to decide uponis what type of machine you are looking for: consumer or pro?In comparison, a business-type pro laptop focuses more on functionality towards a mobile experience. Prolaptops are built with solid materials that can withstand regular use on the go, whereas consumer laptops utilize designs that are often cutting edge, but that require more care. Pro laptops also often utilize a crash cage–like interior design, in which the components of the shell are bored out to accommodate the internal components. Although you can’t see this level of quality from the outside, you can feel it in the way the device doesn’t flex in your hands.

Another advantage that pro laptops have is their availability to be more customizable in the building process. Unlike most consumer-type systems, when it comes to building your pro laptop, you will get more options, like choosing a different graphic card, upgrading the hard drive or adding a fingerprint reader for added security. And speaking of security, besides the fingerprint reader, some pro systems include encryption software to safeguard your data. They also offer more years in the warranty. In the end, whichever one you chose, it will be the type of machine that qualifies best for the type of use you require.You can find more comparisons and information online from high-end retailers, such as Toshiba, which can be found at


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