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Disable the annoying Start Button in Windows 8.1

Posted In Windows - By Raja Kumar on Tuesday, April 29th, 2014 With No Comments »

The most considerable change made to windows 8.1 by Microsoft is, the start button integration in the UI, like it used to be in previous versions of windows. At the time of launch of windows 8, Microsoft ditched the start button and only the start screen was available. This bad action pissed off many users and hence by following their user suggestions, Microsoft once again integrated start button to newly updated windows 8.

With the launch of windows 8.1, some users didn’t like the start button feature back and wanted to use their windows without start button but there is no option is the OS to disable it. Thank God, the freeware app StartIsGone is a life saver for those users. It allows the users to remove the start button in windows 8.1 and clear up space in the UI.

Disable the annoying Start Button in Windows 8.1

This app has no user interface but it shows an tray icon in background with some options popping up when right clicked. Users just need to mark “Run at Startup” and the annoying start button will be disabled on every reboot.

Disable the annoying Start Button in Windows 8.1

StartIsGone is developed separately for x86 and x64 version of windows 8.1.

Download StartIsGone

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