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Dos and Don’ts for Social Media PR

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Most of the populace spends a significant amount of their waking hours online engaged in the different aspects of social media. The increase in the usage of the internet for every purpose under the sun, means that there is always a willing and available audience that can receive whatever it is you wish to communicate.

Social media is the latest addition to the many different tools that PR executives and companies use to accomplish their PR goals. That in a nutshell, is the aim of any social media PR practitioner to accomplish the objectives of their clients by influencing the perception of the public. It can no longer be classified as new as it has been around for a while. Recommende reading: Importance Of Social Media Marketing After Google’s Updates.

Dos and Don’ts for Social Media PR

What makes it seem new and dynamic is the fact that it is always changing as new sites capture the imagination of the public, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest have all become a part of daily dialogue. Each time the wind changes and new facets are added firms, must keep up with the changing trends and establish a presence on these new mediums.

As is the case with some of the other marketing tools in PR, especially social media. it must be carefully monitored. The presence of the firm on social media platforms must conform to the image, standard, and brand of the firm and fall into place with the company’s profile. This is to prevent the misuse and abuse of the company’s image or profile.

Firms must be responsive. Things happen in real time on the internet. Everything is free and fast paced. Enquiries, comments, or suggestions about your firm must be answered and followed up on promptly in mediums such as Twitter and Facebook. this is also true for other sites as well. When someone pins something about your firm on Pinterest you should be aware and respond publicly. This way you can capitalise on the free promotion of your law firm’s brand or quickly minimise the damage if the exposure is negative.

Social media is a tool and in order for it be effectively utilised the rules of PR in respect to target marketing must still apply. The object is not to try to acquire the largest group of followers, but a following of quality prospects that can help directly or indirectly to further the aims of the company.  They do so with their friends and audiences by liking and sharing your articles, tweets, and other information about you and your firm. Recommended reading: The Robust Growth of Social Media Presence in Singapore.

It is easy to lose sight of the face of your prospect when you have a large following. It is important to use these mediums to establish a relationship with the public. Change the nature and tone of your messages and responses depending on the medium or circumstances.

You can be warm and friendly or business like and frank. Establish your trustworthiness and honesty by being reliable and honest. Establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise and people will seek out your services.

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